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Anyone have roadtrip ideas?

Asked by Britcraft86 (61points) February 9th, 2010

I live in south Louisiana, and I’m so bored, got any roadtrip ideas, or late night fun ideas, or just something exciting I can do on the weekend.

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How about trying to sneak into Cuba.

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go to New Orleans and celebrate the Super Bowl win!

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I am thinking of a few for myself.I would like to take a road trip to the Outer Banks and just hang on the beach,visit galleries,paint, eat good food,drink good beer,make love to my sweetie…oh wait…I’m going alone.:((

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Just drive. Your only plan should be plan to get lost.

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The North Carolina Appalachia as seen from the Blue ridge parkway is gorgeous.

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@Drgrafenbergmd Smokey Mountain National Park thru Blue Ridge Parkway is best traveled in October, not at this time. . .besides, OP is in LA…hardly worth the day’s drive to NC.

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When weather permits, I just get on the bike and go. Where I wind up is usually by way of “the road less traveled” (Frost). It’s the journey, not the destination. Since my ‘38 ULH isn’t happy for long over 60 mph, puttering along back roads is my thing.

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Pick up a copy of “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance”, after reading, re-live. I plan to. Mmm road trips, obviously, summer and a motorcycle, frame-less world :)
I would probably spend most of my time taking pictures, writing, and interaction with various people on the journey.

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@njnyjobs Personally I have enjoyed it throughout the year, but you make a good point, October is amazing.

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You could travel to Florida, which makes a great weekend getaway. The panhandle, Desitin and Pensacola are beautiful.

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If you have a driving partner, do what my wife and i do on road trips. we think of song titles that have a certain alphabetical letter in it. example: starts with a P. a good answer would be Penny Lane or Puff The Magic Dragon. see what i mean? the answers are unlimitless.
we avoid the B, because of so many song titiles that have Blue in it. change the letter when you run out of song titles.

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Maybe this one? Or choose from this list

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