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Do you ever get tired of receiving or buying flowers for V-day every year?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) February 9th, 2010

I personally think flowers are played out and I prefer to buy something that isn’t given repeatedly every year…what do you think?

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I will never get tired of flowers.Never:)

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Atleast you have a valentine and some flowers, some of don’t have eitehr.

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I prefer getting something that doesn’t start to decompose after a week or two.

I think Valentine’s Day is a stupid tradition that drives innocent people (including me, this year) to buy and do the most ridiculous crap; another motivator for consumerism. There is something disturbing to me about the idea of having a day dedicated to celebrating love, as though we forget to do this on a regular basis and need some kind of regular reminder.

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The only time I ever got flowers was when my husband was an orderly-sigh.

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@lucillelucillelucille wouldn’t you prefer something more original?

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@lilikoi I know what you mean haha I now rather go and make something for her cook, bake, etc

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@MrGeneVan hey, that’s what we’re doing this year, too! i am looking forward to it; but do have mixed feelings about ‘holidays’ like this. anyway, i appreciate the thought that goes into a gift so i prefer receiving hand made stuff; i am the kind of person that thinks buying Hallmark cards is a waste of paper. good on you for taking the time to make something special.

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Never. I absolutely love fresh flowers (I always have some in a vase on my kitchen table). If my girl gave me a bouquet of beautiful flowers, she’d get a big smooch from her love.

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The pay and living conditions of the workers who grow these flowers for the U.S. celebration of Valentine’s Day, is horrendous and inhuman. They’re expensive to buy and their beauty (they seldom have scent) is fleeting, and it’s all born on the backs of people who barely have enough to eat and live in filth. I’m not only tired of it, I think everyone should think about how other people have to live so we can live the way we do .. for now at least.

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I’ve always felt like Valentine’s Day is kind of a Hallmark holiday. I love flowers that I’ve planted, but receiving arranged flowers isn’t up there on my list, especially if it’s because it was a certain day that says one must do this.

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I never get tired of receiving flowers. I love them. The first time one of my sons sent me flowers was an absolute red-letter day. I still have the little pot they came in, of no value in itself, but what a prize! It was glorious.

Back in my very single days, I used to send flowers to myself now and then: go to the florist, order them, pay, and wait for delivery.

However, I discourage the idea that anyone should buy gifts for a contrived event like Valentine’s Day. A nice card is sufficient. The ones that count with me are personal: birthdays and anniversaries. Oh, and I do still love Christmas.

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Yes, I did get tired of flowers. The thought is nice, but I don’t like the expense or the fact that they are gone so soon.
I don’t need gifts. I do want my husband to remember the day, but he can do that by buying me my favorite candy bar, or bringing home a pint of nice ice cream that I would never buy for myself.
Maybe this year he will cook dinner? That would be great! I don’t care what it is, anything I don’t have to cook is always good.

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I try to avoid cliches, so I probably wouldn’t send flowers on V-Day. My preferred gifts (to give and receive) are ones that the giver has obviously spent thought on. Now, I love flowers and would be touched and thrilled to get them at any time.. but I’d be more likely to make my girl a nice 3-course meal with a nice wine, candles, and hopefully us ending up in a manner where I can further show her how much I’m into her (haha).

Quite honestly, I resent Valentine’s Day as yet another marketing excuse. It has no real history and is basically a day to make single people feel like shit and to guarantee that coupled people get some booty. :D

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I’m delivering flowers this year. It’ll be some decent $$$ for me.

There was a guy who called last week and ordered his flowers (to be delivered) early, because he was savvy enough to figure out that he wouldn’t be paying V-Day prices for his roses.

I agree with @Dracool, but really you can say that about most any mass market product. It’s hard to live in today’s world without stepping on the neck of someone else.

I have a morbid fascination with conservative talk radio, and the deluge of flowers/chocolate/pajamagram/Vermont teddy bear ads is comical.

Oh yeah, I’m getting a big bag of rose petals for free, so that’ll help make for a nice little evening.

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My husband got me flowers all the time when we were dating. I loved the thought, but I found it to be a waste of our funds. I do enjoy being surprised with them on occasion nowadays.

Also, when I gave birth, apparently that means you have to give flowers. My room was filled with all sorts of flowers, and given that we have two cats at home that enjoy eating flowers, I donated them to the nurses station or to any other lady in the ward that needed them more than me (like the gal down the hall, I knew she had a preemie and do not think it survived.) so I sent my flowers to everyone else.
And I bet I get a crap ton of roses if I have this baby on Valentine’s Day…my least favorite flowers. lol

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I never get flowers. I never get anything for valentines day. I get flowers once a week for the house that I have to arrange and set out for display. It’s a mess with getting rid of the old ones, sometimes I don’t feel like it and leave them in their wrappers till next day. meh

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@MrGeneVan -I love flowers as I am an avid gardener.They are just beautiful.So are rubies;)

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I just had a think, and gee, I’ve never gotten flowers on Valentine’s Day. I’ll have to remember to buy myself some this year!

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Hey! Why not do something different and send a GOP Valentine e-card!

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