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what's the worst beer you've ever had?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) March 3rd, 2008

i had a rolling rock for the first time since college (many years ago). it was dreadful! is it supposed to taste like soap?

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Rolling Rock!!!

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Rolling Rock is gross! I drink Sam Adams, any brew they have is awesome. The worst beer in my opinion would have to be Natural Ice or some crap like that. Stay away from bad beer. You only live once, so drink the good stuff!

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i also remember little kings being very bad. i don’t think i’ve ever seen it for sale either. it was sold at a campus bar. my friend liked it, because he could remember back in the day of 3–2 beer little kings was the only beer they could buy :D

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Well, I am glad to see others do not like Rolling Rock too (it is not the worst, but all my friends in college really liked it). The worst was a Heineken like beer that I cannot remember the name of to save me. Now I just stay away from green bottles unless it is from Germany.

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fat tire gets so much hype but takes like deer urine (don’t ask how I know, I was young, drunk on fat tire and naive)

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It depends on your expectations.

Rolling Rock isn’t bad if you’re expecting a light mass-produced American lager. (When they introduced Rolling Rock Light, one of my fraternity brothers commented, “I thought Rolling Rock was a light beer!”)

The worst beer I ever had was a Shipyard Ale. It had all the nice presentation of a microbrew, and it was local, and I opened it up and it was horrible.

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Heineken is my least favorite mass produced beer. I have tasted worse though. When I first started brewing beer I tested one that was still green out of excitement. I just could not wait. It truly was gross. So I guess any green beer is the worst.

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any American beer, tecate, rolling rock, fat tire or… Most pilsners.

Now a great beer is Samuel Smith Imperial Stout. Ohhhhhhhh yes.

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king cobra, old english hi gravity, and hurricane ice blow

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I actually like Rolling Rock. The worst beer I’ve had is Stella Artois.

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@Riser: there are a lot of very good American microbrews, and a lot of foreign beers suffer for the distance they travel. Perhaps you meant to denounce (or reject) mass-produced American beers?

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busterhymen hit it on the head. Those beers blow LARGE.

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cwilbur: you are right sir. After I posted I gave it a lot of thought and realized that not every American beer is a bud. Thank you for the correction.

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Rolling rock IS terrible. I can’t see picking that over even Budweiser or Coors, or a kick in the head for that matter.

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Tecate is Mexican piss

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Meister Chow Brau

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Pabst. It doesn’t even come close to deserving the popularity it gained due to cheapness and hipster irony. I think drinking it honestly made me more sober.

As for beer of quality that I just don’t really like, the worst one I’ve tasted was probably a porter of some sort.

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A 40 of “Bull Max” – it’s okay for the first couple of sips, but then starts to get warm and goes completely rancid. At that point I’d rather lick the urine off a toilet seat in a public washroom. (Not really, but it’s pretty bad)

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miller chill or fosters

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saranac i wasnt a fan of either

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can’t believe i’m not the only person who thinks heineken is bad beer. best corona wanna-be is bud light lime though. and, yes, chill is nasty.

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Milwalkee’s Best! I can’t even SPELL it, it sucks so much.

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Coors Lite. Absolute shite, that stuff.
Milwaukee’s Best (HAHAHAHAHA!) isn’t far behind.

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Heineken is quite bitter, Amstel beer is a little smoother but still tastes crap.

And yes, COORs is Shite

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