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What is the difference between Yaz and Yasmin birth control pills?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) February 9th, 2010

I just got Yaz today. I asked my doctor for Yasmin because I know people who really like it, and he gave me Yaz instead. I’m pretty sure it is because Yaz is more specialized for acne than Yasmin, since I told him I wanted the Pill to help with acne also. Is Yaz and Yasmin from the same company? (Yaz is from Bayer) Are they the same thing but Yaz is better at controlling acne? I would check on their websites but it won’t let me on them, I’m not sure if the two types of birth control pills are affiliated to each other.

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the formulation is slightly different. Yasmin has 30 mcg of estrogen per active pill, Yaz has 20mcg. Yasmin is set up as a 21/7 cycle of active/placebo pills, while Yaz is 24/4. The amount and type of progesterone is the same.

Both are made by the same company, but Yasmin has a generic version out called Ocella. Yaz has no generic.

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Regarding acne, most COCs combination oral contraceptives help with acne. It usually takes about 3 months to notice a definite improvement. A COC maker can’t make advertising claims about things like acne unless it has done specific research to prove it to the FDA. Those studies have been done on Yaz for acne and PMS so the maker is allowed to promote it.

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I don’t know, but I’d be pretty skeptical of putting that in my body as it sure looks like they are getting sued.

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@lilikoi here is a link from a reliable source of contraceptive information about the issue you are referring to. Some questions have been raised, there is conflicting information, no definitive answers yet. But lawyers of a certain type have started circling like sharks who think they smell a little blood in the water.

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@MagsRags I just opened the pack of pills, and I see that the pills are 24 active pills, and 4 reminder pills like you mentioned. Does that mean that I can only have a period for four days? Also if you or anyone else knows the answer to this: If it is a special occasion (ex. halloween, valentines day, or a party where you don’t want to have your period) can I just skip the 4 reminder pills (keep taking the active pills, therefore missing my period?)

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Periods on Yaz do tend to be shorter than on the 21/7 regimen. But you’ll have to see how it works out for you – just take the pills every day.

And yes, you can safely skip the placebo inactive pills and skip a period. It’s not harmful or dangerous, and you’re still protected from pregnancy. Some women get breakthrough bleeding if they try to skip a period, but that’s not dangerous either, just annoying.

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@MagsRags Thank you for the straight-forward answers! I would have asked my doctor this but he was kind of rude and acted like he was in a hurry.. Oh and one more question? :$ If I take the placebo pills after the active pills, like I am supposed to, can I get pregnant on the days I’m taking the inactive (placebo) pills? sorry that was the last question

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You’re welcome, and don’t worry about asking questions.

You are still protected from pregnancy on your placebo pills as long as you have taken your preceding active piils correctly. COCs prevent pregnancy by suppressing ovulation and thickening the cervical mucus to block sperm. The hormone levels don’t drop low enough for long enough during the placebos to cause problems unless you’ve missed active pills during the previous week or two.

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@MagsRags Thank you for all of the help. I would have asked my doctor, but you know, he was rude..

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@desiree333 I hope you’ll vote with your feet by looking for another care provider who isn’t rude. We’re out there!

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@MagsRags yeah LOL! Maybe he was just all against pre-marital sex so he wasn’t happy with me.

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They are practically the same medication. And yes, both by Bayer. Here’s an article on Yaz that may help:

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