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(NSFW)How do they handle the vagina in body painting?

Asked by jackm (6198points) February 9th, 2010

First off, I know its not technically the vagina, but the “vulval lips”. I thought vagina would attract more attention.

Anyways, whenever you see body painted girls like those in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, they always look smooth. Do they cheat and use actual material? Or do all these girls have tight innie vaginas?

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This is wrong on so many levels.

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I think they probably stick some kind of cover over the whole biz and paint over it. I think they sometimes do that with nipples.

But, I am pretty sure that it doesn’t matter either way as the photos you see in SI are heavily edited, airbrushed, smoothed out, distorted, and otherwise manipulated to form the ‘perfect shot’.

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True for the most part, but you can watch videos of the behind the scenes of the photoshoot. They don’t airbrush/edit every frame of the video.

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It probably depends on what look they are going for and what body they are working with. I watched a video on how bodypainting is done once, but can’t find it…

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I’m with @HTDC on this one.

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I am guessing Photoshop

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It’s not how you handle the vagina,it’s how you handle the paintbrush ;)

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In soviet Russia, vagina paints you!

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Pastease strapless bikinis


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Giant band aids.

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I just want to know where one gets this job. ;)

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Easy. They either cover the cooter with paint or panties.
I participated in a group bodypainting once of a very delightful young minx. She had panties on.

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It’s all airbrushed (photo shopped)

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My knowledge of all things gynaecological is a bit sketchy, so i’ll have to draw a line over this one.

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@Violet I saw a “60 Minutes” or similar show on photoshopping recently and the interviewer was a very attractive woman. Not absolutely perfect, but certainly most attractive. The photoshop artist went over her whole image and literally, before our eyes, turned her into a goddess. He also commented that 99% of the images of women in print are photoshopped. (I preferred her appearance before he photoshopped her. Perfection is so sterile)

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Not always true.

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@SeventhSense please see @plethora‘s comment “99% of the images of women in print are photoshopped.”

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Well I’m not going post actual artists with brushes touching vaginas but I could. Other than Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair or print ads there are still actual artists out there who use real paint on a real nude women. I’ve been one of them.

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So i asked my neighbor who used to do make-up and FX work for major studios in hollywood.. and still does promotional body paint. Usually for live events the models will wear flesh-colored spandex bottoms which will be mostly covered in the paint. For some shoots they will go nude and will be posed in such a way that the labia will not be visible, when the labia would be visible the can use a special tape or an adhesive panty (which is essentially no bigger than a very thin maxi pad).

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@SeventhSense I was referring to Sports Illustrated (and Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, etc)

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