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How do i get a security tag taken off of something I actually bought?

Asked by lily (83points) January 18th, 2007
10 years ago I bought a dress, took it home and realized they'd left the plastic security tag on it. I kept on putting off going back to the mall, and after a while i lost the receipt. I really truly bought this dress, and its been sitting in my closet unworn for a decade, but I'm afraid that if i go to a store and ask them to take it off, they'll assume i stole it! What can i do?
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This has happened to me once. I ended up going to a local department store (not the same store) and telling them what happened. The clerk kindly took off the security tag. If you're honest and tell your story, you shouldn't have any problem.
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I agree with Ben. They'll believe you.
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Those tags work by pulling the long ends toward each other to enlarge the hole & let the "pin" out. If you have a vice or a pair of pliers or something that can pull those long ends toward each other (bringing the long ends together, not the short ends), that will release the pin.
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Just call the store on your way in, reasonable managers will believe you. You DO have an honest face, right?

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If you’ve truly had the dress for ten years, the workers will probably realize its not a style they are currently carrying, and take the security tag off.

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There are many different types of security tags, one may be removed by pressing in the “dimples” with pliers, one with a hook, another with a magnet, try and look online (Sensormatic) and find out which one as of to the removal process. If you try and go into any store and tell the manager/employee your “story” they will look at you like your an idiot, because in all honesty, your story is ridiculous. I’m a manager at my store and I’ve had so many people come in with old, and new merchandise trying to return it, or like you, have the sensor removed without presenting a reciept. I don’t care what your face looks like, nor what your story sounds like, too bad so sad. No reciept, no way. Sorry, but your gonna have to go the high road and remove it yourself!

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