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Server has been acting up. Sorry.

Asked by andrew (16280points) February 9th, 2010

We’ve exposed a strange bug in the way we store the state a user is in which is causing performance problems.

We’re looking into it.

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have noticed that too yesterday…

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Is this the one? I am waiting with shoe at the ready…

Glad to know it was not us.

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Thanks for explaining.

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Yes, Thanks, Andrew. I just thought it was MY machine messing up. Now can you tell us why Facebook has been so screwed up? LOLL

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Way to go, boys.
I bet it’s because RH is there…

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I thought you was just messin’ with my head. And I get the shakes when I can’t get my fix.

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I thought for a second @asmonet had broken Fluther again. Good to know she had nothing to do with it!

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Actually unrelated to problems yesterday.

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Sorry doesn’t cut it. Get on it!

j/k. Sorry.

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FYI we have gotten to the bottom of today’s issues and it should be permanently fixed. Yesterday’s issue was totally unrelated as @andrew stated.

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Thanks guys. :-)

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