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Best Question of 2010 (so far)?

Asked by Dr_C (14132points) February 9th, 2010

What in your opinion has been the most helpful, informative or enlightening question thus far? Has any one question stood out to you as being genuinely useful? is there on that stands out to you as a really good question? I’ve found myself rejecting more and more questions recently and I wonder If I’m alone in this.

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I don’t know. I tend to stay away from best-thinking. Lots of really good questions in 2010, hopefully more answered, or better questions coming out of them than we started with. If so, we have progress—and this is definitely best.

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This one. Why? It was so deep. It not only stimulated my soul, by my mind as well. It is the 21st century version of the “If a tree falls, does it make a sound” question. How do you solve a problem with no solutions? Think about it

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“I want to download some water?” – @Dr_C

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@Mike_Hunt That just blew my mind.

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I liked many! The ones that caught my eye were the kind that are very Fluther. Just plain stupid, romantic, heart-warming, interesting, informative, and funny!

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Everything that knowledgeable and included fact.

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I want to know why we all have the need to quantify and qualify everything.

Top ten Most Extreme Animals!!!
Top ten Most Outrageous Mixed Drinks!!
Best Dressed!!!
Worst Dressed!!!
Best Question on Fluther for 2010!!!
OMG I’m going to piss my pants!!!!

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I think there are still great questions out there, but there are also more questions… so you have to look harder to find them. For instance, I hadn’t seen most of the great questions that @IBERnineD linked to up there ^^.

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