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How do I sew my own flat bed sheets?

Asked by zookeeny (880points) February 9th, 2010

I would like to make my own bedsheets from some funky fabric I have seen. If it works I will make some for my nieces and nephews out of their favourite character prints and patterns. Is it as ‘simple’ as buying cotton fabric and hemming the sides and ends? Do I need to wash the fabric first?

Is this an easy enough project for a beginner?

Thanks :)

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Isn’t that all a sheet is? A piece of material with the edges hemmed? Unless of course you’re talking fitted sheets, which I’d want a pattern for because calculating the right folds and what not would be way too much work… I think it would be the perfect project for a beginner. I would wash the fabric first as cotton sometimes shrinks.

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Yes, wash it first, then iron it. Fabric often has sizing in it, and that will affect the way it
behaves while you sew it. And yes, you want to pre-shrink it. Make a big, deep hem at
one of the long ends, so that the seam is a foot or so clear of the sleeper’s chin. Iron all the hems nice and flat. Should be lovely.
YARNLADY is about to tell you more than I can.

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The trick is getting a fabric wide enough that you don’t have do any length wise seams. I would suggest washing it, because most fabric comes with a sizing or starch in it which need to be removed before you sew.
@susanc thanks for the vote of confidence

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Thanks – this is great. I am hoping to get good enough to sell them so I need them to look as good as possible. So my family will have all the practice ones unil I can perfect them enough to sell.

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You can use narrower fabric by putting seams and a panel on two sides for the bottom sheet, on the top part of the mattress. But good luck with the top sheet, which if anything, I like to hang way down on either side of the bed That’s going to be the tough one.

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You can purchase fabric especially for making sheets, it is very wide, in New Zealand it is known as sheeting. I think making sheets is a perfect project for anyone beginning to sew. And like the others, I definitely recommend pre-washing the fabric in hot soapy water, followed by a good iron when dry. Best of luck.

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