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does advil and alcohol really crystalize in your liver?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) March 3rd, 2008

i’ve heard this before, but don’t really understand what it means. i’ve looked at a couple of websites and they all seem to say the same thing: mixing any type of pain reliever with 3 or more alcoholic drinks on a daily basis is likely to cause stomach bleeding and liver damage. nothing about crystals. so negligible damage is done if you combine the two only occasionally?

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mixing anything with anything is really a bad idea. advil and alcohol, hard liquor and beer, sonny and cher, all bad combinations. as a general rule, save your body from maybes and just don’t do it

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I’ve never heard anything about crystals.

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kill the liver thats a good motto to have

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What you’re probably talking about is the link between acetaminophen and alcohol. A couple of frat boys die every year because they take some Tylenol (main ingredient acetaminophen) after a night of binge drinking and die from liver failure.

There was a warning about this at my college. Here’s a edu link here for more information.

I don’t mix the two. I either drink or take pain medication. You’re probably ok if you only occasionally mix the two. I wouldn’t do it anymore.

Either take the pain medication because you have a legitimate problem or drink because you have a legitimate problem. Don’t take the pain medication because drinking makes you feel bad or gives you a headache etc. I would just not drink if I couldn’t handle the after effects.

Another fun fact is pain relievers tend to work better when coupled with caffeine.

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Ok, so for the those who really know: what about aspirin or ibuprofen and alcohol. Are they as dangerous with alcohol as acetaminophen?

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