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Is there any way a girl can miss her period and not be pregnant?

Asked by PhantomCrash (45points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

look at question..

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Yes, anorexia can cause missed periods. There are several other causes but you really should see a doctor about it and find out the cause. It could be a severe problem requiring treatment or something as simple as a vitamin deficiency. Either way, please see a doctor and find out for sure.

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Yes – as Steve said there are several causes but it’s a possibility. Best thing to do is check with a MD or get a pregnancy test if you’re worried you’re pregnant.

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It’s not always a serious problem. Females can skip when very stressed.

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Have you started exercising heavily that is a very common cause also. But go see a doc because there are so many other reasons . Some to worry about some are no big deal.

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im on that same boat… my girl is 3 days late.. im thinking pregnancy. I hope its just stress

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Also it can happen on birth control sometimes completely randomly. Don’t risk it, though. Get tested asap if you’ve been having unprotected sex in particular.

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its normal. My period skips all the time for no reason. But this shouldn’t be a concern all the time. Isn’t she on birth control?

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There are several reasons why someone could miss a period. The best person to answer this question would be your doctor. It could be something simple like changing hormones, but it could something that needs prompt attention. Better safe than sorry. See a doctor about this.

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you miss your period does not mean you are pregnant if you are sced see your doctor

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thank god..shes pretty damn anorexic.. eats ice alot..we just started and she is 4 days late… and shes stressed all the time.. and she doesnt eat alot.. thank god.. i love you jesus,, pray for me!

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i had protected sex with my girlfriend on the the week she was supposed to get her period and on the day she was supposed to get it shes 17 years old and she missed her period almost a month now and idk if i should be worried because we still have protected sex but im scared , please help?

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