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Is it okay that my chest cracks? Is it okay how much i crack my joints?

Asked by pterodactylover808 (139points) February 9th, 2010

My chest, near my breast bone, has recently (in the past year) been starting to crack when I stretch out or sometimes just randomly. The first couple times it happened it really hurt. Now it releases stress for me and feels good and I can pretty much do it whenever I want to. Is that normal and or bad for you? Also I crack my knuckles, back and neck frequently throughout the day, are there really any bad effects to this. I’ve heard that its terrible for you and that you shouldn’t do it, but I’ve also heard that it is good for you and causes a release of stress hormones. What is the truth?

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I can crack my chest as well, and the only other person I’ve ever known who could do it was my physical therapist. He said it’s perfectly fine, just not common. (He could just touch his chest in a certain way and it would crack… I’m not quite that skilled.) As for your joints, I’ve heard mixed things about that, too.

PS: Do people around you get weirded out when your chest cracks? My circle of people freak right out when I do it.

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My chest cracks every time I stretch

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It is definitely weird to crack your chest, but it’s fine. speaking as someone who is somewhat grossed out by her mother doing it unexpectedly…cough @augustlan cough
I also crack my joints quite often…neck, knuckles, ankles, knees, toes…you name it. It hasn’t hurt me much thus far, other than hurting my neck once. You definitely have to be careful with the neck.

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My bf always cracks his knuckles and it annoys the crap out of me. I always tell him to stop because it’ll wear the joints down and cause problems. So, the next time he ran into his med student friend he asked the guy if it is really bad for you to do that or not. The guy said it’s harmless. So much for my argument, although I remain skeptical, probably because none of my joints crack…

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my chest cracks too, normally when i’m slouching…. maybe i should fix that… haha

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My knees sometimes crack when I kneel and stuff. It’s weird. =\

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Cracking your knuckles is fine. It’s just gas bubbles popping in your joints. So go ahead and crack away.

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It’s fine. It’s your sternum that’s cracking and it releases pressure. It’s a good thing.

As for other joints, that’s fine as well. My chiropractor used to tell me not to intentionally crack my neck but never said anything about any other way of cracking my back/knuckles.

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Yes and yes.

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i can crack a rib back in place because its been broken so many times playing football. :)

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I used to be one of those people that stretched without the soundtrack. Now, after a funky judo injury I have joined the cracked-chest society. It’s not a bad thing, I checked it with my doc. But maybe next time you’re at yours, give it a quick mention.

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Yeah it happens to me too. Its completly normal. And as phoebusg said just mention it and he will pobably explain it.

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I can pop every joint in my body, & my ears.

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^ @Draconess25
So can I, I can also crack my nose.

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my chest used to ‘pop’ once a year but now i have to do it daily or it feels like someone is sitting on it. it is very painful to ‘pop’ and it hurts all the time now, probably a 7 out of 10 on a pain scale. i can no longer do push ups or even sit ups without excruciating pain. even lifting my arms above my head is extremely painful. i want to go to the dr for it but i can’t afford the insurance my job offers. it is located about 6 inches above the bottom of the sternum, theres a bump there but everyone i’ve talked to has the bump

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