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I'm trying to convince my parents to let me get my septum pierced, any suggestions?

Asked by sitsideways (24points) February 9th, 2010

I’m nearly 16 and my parents are fairly cool. They let me dye my hair funky colors and even said I could get a nose stud. Unfortunately septum is another story. The thing is, I think a septum piercing is pretty brilliant. I mean, it’s extremely convenient to hide (a nose stud not so much). So, I’m in need of some tips for convincing them that a septum piercing is the way to go.

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Though I am not personally a fan of septum peircings, show them that you’re responsible enough to handle it; do your research! Look up price estimates for your peircing, show them how you could get a plug for professional situations, etc. And definitely get on their good side- listen to them even when they’re wrong, do extra work around the house, etc. Good luck!

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thanks, showing them a plug I think will help a lot!

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Tell them you want your rectum pierced and carry on that charade so that they become sufficiently ballistic. Then “realize” you meant your septum. By then, it won’t seem so bad.

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excellent logic!

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As someone who has dealt with bad infections and complications from piercings gone awry, I’d advise caution.

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Can you elaborate on your experiences? What precautions would you recommend?

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Listen to your parents, seems they are pretty great about letting you express yourself. Let them win this time. When you are of age and still want this piercing then have it done.

Sometimes there are reason we have never thought of for why we shouldn’t get everything we want.

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Two years isn’t that long in the big scheme of things, so I’d just wait it out. I know it seems like forever right now, but trust me when I say it will pass before you know it.

Another thing to consider is that people change a lot between the ages of 15 and 20. A lot. What appeals to you now might seem ridiculous by then… I mean, how horrible would it be if you’d gotten a tattoo of the Jonas Brothers or something when you were fourteen? Just give it some time.

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I’m not really a fan of septum piercings, however, my friend has one, and he actually has a gauge in it. He tucks the C shaped ring up in his nose when he goes to work, and you can’t even notice it’s there. You can hide it for professional/formal situations easier than any other piercing, imo.

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It seems to me that the right time for such a thing is when you’re old enough not to need parental permission. Hair dye is temporary, so it’s a very different matter.

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I suggest that you forgo the septum piercing.

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’‘sign the permission slip or ill do it my self with a rusty nail when you turn your back, my body my choice’’

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You can shove that thing in your nostrils and no one would ever know. That’s one thing for sure. Tell them you need to do things in life and learn from them, this is one of them or try the I’m going to find a way to do it with or without your face to face consent so you should probably just say yes.. That’s what I always pulled with my mother.

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Just go do it.

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Don’t do something you might regret later.

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keybo, wish i had said that. made me laugh.

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thanks for all the feedback!

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@sitsideways Welcome to Fluther! Keep us posted. :)

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@sitsideways This wasn’t a nose, but someone who had pierced the pinna of her ear several times. She had a massive infection involving her ear and the side of her head. She was lucky not to have her ear debrided off.

My point is that it’s not a risk free proposition.

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anyone who said don’t do something you’ll regret later.. its a piercing.. lol you can take it out, and most of the time it will heal right up.. just dont gauge it and youll be fine.

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@odali Right, and the scar tissue (if there was any) would be inside my nose.
@Rarebear that sounds like an extreme case, but thank you for sharing. If I do get it done, I plan to be very hygienic.

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@sitsideways Of course it was an extreme case, but extreme cases is what I see on a daily basis. Usually it’s fine—I just want you to make sure you go in with eyes wide open.

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@Rarebear Yeah, I get it – It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

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I think face piercings are done by people who do not wish their face to be looked at. A sort of deflective apperatus. All jewery draws or detracts the eye. Earrings frame the face. Nose, lip, tongue, and eyebrow jewelry draw the eye away from the face to an object rather than enhance.
My vote is to let a few years grow along before you pierce and hide your face.

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