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Anyone else feel the earthquake?

Asked by Cruiser (40401points) February 10th, 2010

Shake rattle and roll!! This doesn’t happen here in the Midwest all that often but we had a 4.3 earthquake early this AM and it felt like Jolly Green Giant was shaking our house! Very freaky…a few things jumped off the shelf is all. Anyone else feel this today? I felt another one in the Mountains of N. Carolina that was like a bomb went off in the hotel.

Have you ever felt an earthquake? What was is like? What was the magnitude and any damage?

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Yeah, I felt it. I got to school in Dekalb and it was centered around 5 miles from me. My house was shaking for good 5 seconds.

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I live 10 miles east of you and it was quite a wild ride for sure! I thought it was my kids having a knock down drag out brawl with all their screaming!

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I’m in the Peoria, Il area. Unfortunately I slept through this one. Besides the snow, it is the top news story this morning.

I do remember an earthquake that was centered in southern Illinois about 5 years ago. I was sitting on the couch around 4am, nursing my daughter, when I felt the couch shake a bit. I believe that quake was also a magnitude 4. I’ll never forget it.

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I experienced one where I live a couple years ago. The magnitude was probably close to zero, it was so minor, but the rumble and shake were noticeable enough to remind me that I am just a tiny person in a huge world. I believe there was some damage closer to the epicenter which was on the Big Isle.

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Wife and i were on vacation in Mexico. our room was on the 17th floor of the Marriott Hotel. we were just in the middle of unpacking our suitcases, when the floor of the room began to dance. i asked my wife. “whats that”?. she said “earthquake”! we closed our suticases and began running down 17 flights of steps with suitcases under each arm. as soon as we arrived at ground level… was over. no damages, except for our hearts that were beating in triple overtime.

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I hadn’t heard about it. Where exactly was the earthquake? Maybe time to check if you have earthquake insurance. I know for me it was not automatically covered in my home insurance. Probably is not expensive if you live in an area that rarely gets quakes. Mine is a fortune, I guess because they figure when it hits here it is usually BIG. I’m outside of Memphis, we are affected by the New Madrid MO fault, is that what affected you?

I only once felt the earth shake a little, when I was very little living in NY, it was for a few seconds and barely perceivable. I told my mom the ground moved when I was playing outside, and she thought I was nuts. Later while watching the news they reported slight tremors in the area.

My husband grew up in Mexico City and he has been through some pretty big earthquakes, but he did not worry about it much from what I can tell. One guy I knew was in the San Francisco Quake back in ‘89 while on a business trip and he was pretty traumatized. I was with him aout 6 weeks later in a busy pre-christmas shopping mall on the second floor, and the floor began to shake a little under the weight of so many people (I assume it is constructed with some give on purpose) and he was kind of freaked. I didn’t even notice the floor moving until he pointed it out.

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This one was about 40 miles west of Chicago in a town called Sycamore. My secy lives 2 miles from the epicenter and said it was noticeable but not as bad compared to my experience where it felt like my house was off roading for a few seconds!

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Here’s the CNN article about it.

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I live on Scott AFB, IL which is located in southern Illinois (near St. Louis), but I didn’t feel anything. There was one a couple years ago here that I did feel. It was a very minor one, but it definitely woke me up. I also felt a minor one when I lived in upstate New York.

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Must have been one of those rare

Only once in my life I’ve experienced an earthquake. There was a small one in southern Germany in 1969.

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I guess the earth is constantly adjusting itself. From what I understand earthquakes can theoretically happen anywhere.

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@erichw1504 I felt that one too! It was a couple years ago. What I want to know is why do they seem to all happen in the night time? I have felt 6 here in my lifetime and they have all been between midnight and 6 am?? What’s up with that??

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Last month, we (California) had one earthquake bigger than 4.0 a day for three days in a row and they each lasted longer than 10 seconds. Not rare for us though since we have the San Andreas fault line. Two plates meet below California. We get earthquakes like they’re going out of style. :)

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I have been in several earthquakes. I was in the Seattle earthquake of 1965, which was between 6.5 and 6.75 on the Richter scale. I was in Biology class and at first I thought the kid behind me was kicking the back of my chair. The glassware started vibrating off the backs of the shelves. Our teacher lined up up and marched us outside to the field where the ground was undulating in waves and we could see the buildings moving back and forth.

I was also in the Seattle earthquake of 2001, which was a 6.8 on the Richter scale. We were in West Seattle (which is marine fill land) in a copy store. We did the immediate wrong thing and jumped in our car and went up the Viaduct (which is similar in construction to 880 in Oakland). We saw piles of brick fallen off of buildings.

I also experienced a small earthquake in San Francisco in the 80s.

The earth is not supposed to move!

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@Cruiser I know! I was going to mention that. Weird.

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@marinelife That must have been insane, watching buildings sway back and forth! Luckily you lived to tell about it.

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@erichw1504 It was my wonder years so it made a huge impression on me. I defintiely do not like earthquakes.

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My wife has often felt the earth move,but that’s beside the point.

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I was alone and quite sharply woken up from a sound deep sleep by a 5.9 in 1987, the Whittier California Quake. It sounded like people were violently banging on the windows, the bed and furniture was bumping off the floor, the building was jerking and swaying, it set off all of the car alarms outside and I thought all of the windows were going to burst. My heart was pounding like a racehorse in first place, and I thought burglars! NOPE! .......AGHH! I’m POSSESSED! ...DEMONS….will I throw up green puke and spin my head around! Seriously, I was the MOST FRIGHTENED EVER! I ran into the dining room. Then back to the bedroom. Then it stopped. Except for all of the car alarms and aftershocks.

As far as Wednesdays quake, I did notice my emotional/mental mood had mysteriously cleared a bit, I wonder if there’s a connection there. hhhmmmm.

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I doubt more earthquakes happen at night. Although, I really have no idea. I think if you are awake in the evening, you aremore likely to feel even light tremors, because you are more likely calm and still. My husband tells a story about driving to school one morning, running a little late, and when he got to school everyone was freaked about the earthquake that ahd just happened. He had been totally unaware, seems the bumpy road disguised the quake.

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@JLeslie I’m sure you are correct about these random events…but how odd is it that our 2 last measurable events were both at 4 in the morning?!!

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@Cruiser Believe me, I have had similar feelings about hurricanes. Always on and off up throughout the night as you hear things knock around outside and listen to the radio.

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