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Does America need a "Hit A Cop Day"?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) February 10th, 2010

For the many people that have received traffic tickets, for people that have been rightfully or unrightfully arrested, or for the people that have just been hasseled by the police, does the nation need a Hit A Cop Day? a live police officer on the town square, where you can throw a bean bag and shout out your anger, at the officer? our country needs a relief valve for all our built-up anger over any of the above and including our economy. this is your chance to vent your anger and hurl a bean bag at a real cop. are you willing to participate? its free and no arrests will be made.

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I think it should be pies, not bean bags.

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I don’t think it is a good idea to have hit-a-cop day. I think perhaps a community event where you play softball with cops or basketball or volleyball, where there is a picnic and the police and the citizens mingle as people would be more productive.

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It should be the whole city council, the mayor, county commission, state and federal representatives being hit with pies, not police.

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@john65pennington LOL your a cool cop john!

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All in know is that I got pulled over in a snowstorm in Iowa last week and the cop ticketed me for having my windows too tinted. $80. In Wisconsin, where I live and where I bought the car they are completely legal.

All of that said, I don’t believe in hitting so hit-a-cop day is not something I would advocate. I would like the power to issue them a ticket where the fine would be 6 months without sex or donuts…(no pancakes either….)

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I have no desire to hit a cop, usually the people that bitch about cops constantly are the ones that won’t stop breaking the rules. I speed, and I’ve gotten tickets, but that’s the price I’m willing to pay because I speed excessively, why should I be mad at someone for doing their job? I am aware though that there is unfair treatment, but I haven’t experienced it so I don’t want to hit a cop.

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No. I feel that cops don’t receive enough thanks for everything they do. I’d rather have “Give a cop a cookie day”.

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@jonsblond That’s why pies are the way to go. You get to let out your frustrations, and the cop get’s to eat pie!

I think if I’m ever the mayor I’ll set up one day a year where seven lucky people chosen at random get to give me a pie in the face. Rules:
1. I supply the pies, which will be soft and not have a tin or plate, just a crust.
2. The pie must be thrown from a reasonable distance, not smashed in the face.
3. No college, pro, or high level amateur athletes in throwing sports (football, baseball, cricket, shot put, discus, basketball, etc.) may throw pies.

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Pity it couldn’t be changed to hit “on a” cop day. I love a woman in a uniform, an arresting sight.

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I know that there are bad cops, but really? Most of them put themselves in danger every day. Uh…. as much as I hate corruption, I wouldn’t take it out on the beat cop. Now, hit a politician day, or a corporate banker day? I might consider…...naw….....

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No way.They’ve helped me out more thn anything!Just last summer,one let me go for speeding and I was very relieved.So was my pocketbook…Now if you want to start a “Knock Out Your Mother-in-law Day” I will participate:)

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@lucillelucillelucille She’s gotta be punch drunk with all the low blows she’s received on here from you surely. They just keep on getting back up though, those elusive indistructable “sweethearts”

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For all the times i was arressted for posssion of pot seeds (only seeds!) Yes let me hit a cop Please!!!!

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Absolutely not. There may not be any arrests made, but I don’t trust anything decided behind the blue wall. I seem to have a hard enough time with cops while I’m reporting crimes, last thing I need is to be harassed further because of a “sponsored beanbag” game.

With the way things seem to go, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the good natured cops who’d be thrown in front of the crowd.

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I would prefer hit an ex-significant other day. ;-)

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How about national pie day? Everyone fills out a form explaining who they want to pie and why, and everyone who is listed as deserving a pie gets one from one selected applicant?

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Hmmmm I heard this somewhere else.

oh, yea

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@ChazMaz Darn, I thought I was original. But in my version you get to deliver the pie personally.

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Ah yes. The personal touch.
So not only do you get hit with a pie. You have to tip that person.

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Only once have I gotten a ticket that I did not deserve: I was caught in a speed trap in my late teens and everyone on that road, whether or not they were speeding, got it. I went to court for that one and it was dropped… no problem.

The rest of the time I earn my few tickets (3 speeding, 2 carpool lane violations). When getting tickets and other interaction with the police, most of them are either pleasant or neutral.

So, no anger here and no need to hit one.

However, if you said “hit a lawmaker/politician day” I would be lined up waiting my turn.

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I like @marinelife‘s idea. We need to do something to foster a better relationship between the police and the community. Where I live (DC) the local government and the police force have a reputation for corruption and secrecy. Something lighthearted like a softball game or a barbecue would be great start if we could also get more input from the community and more response from the government.

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We need more than a “Hit a Cop” Day. We need a little bit of justice within the law enforcement system of this country and a little bit of lienency.. I probably spelled that wrong but you get my drift…when it’s deserved. So many of the cops in my town are rookies and will give you a ticket for something they blatantly do on any other day WHILE on duty or off, ie. the cell phone thing? It disgusts me how with a conscience a cop can give a cell phone ticket one day yet I will see at least 3 on a cell phone, in their police vehicles every single day. It’s hypocricy and it’s injustice and I probably spelled every word in this comment wrong but that’s okay. As long as you get my drift.

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I think a cop’s job is difficult enough and have no desire to hit one. I have, however lectured a state cop for hiding in the bushes to catch speeders rather than patrolling to prevent accidents and render assistance. I don’t know if this counts, I lectured a customs officer about being polite to guests to our country. He was giving an old Chinese guy a lot of grief for no apparent reason. I also complained to his supervisor.

I felt especially guilty because I had just returned from China and found the border guards very polite and helpful. I didn’t see the reason why our officials couldn’t be the same way.

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@Blackberry Me too. I have heard many tales of unfair treatment but I have not experienced it. I was even treated well or neutrally during my riding days… non white biker. Of course I am achingly polite because I was raised that way. That is why I was the one to carry the alcoholic watermelon (and other party supplies, usually in ziplocks in the watermelon) in my saddlebags.

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@onesecondregrets I think you have it backwards. Rather than leniency for civilians, police officers should be given the same treatment as civilians when they break the law.

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Absolutely. Cops have hit a civilian day every day of the week. I dont know about the meter maids though. They get beaten up all the time and do our society’s dirty work.

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