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What are eye boogers?

Asked by willbrawn (6606points) February 10th, 2010

Every morning I wake up and rub my eyes and little “eye boogers” fall out. What are they? What do you call them?

I remember my grandparents telling me it was left over sand from the sandman. But they dont fool me! : )

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Well i believe if im right that it is the fluid that keeps your eyes from drying out. It bilds up at night. This does’nt happen to everyone. Just some But i think that is it. maybe not i dnt really know

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Isn’t it just dried up eye leakage? I get them a lot too.

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They’re eye boogers. A booger is dried nasal secretions. Eye boogers are dried secretions from the tear ducts. Thus, eye booger is clearly the correct technical term. ;-)

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I call them eye diamonds.If you leave them there for a long time and blink real hard,you’ll get them ;)

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When you take sea water and allow it to evaporate, what’s left are salt crystals.

On a much smaller scale, that’s what’s going on with the eye fluids. The leftovers from drying out are basically little salt crystals.

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Dried mucous. Yummy…

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You really haven’t seen eye boogers until you get pink eye and wake up with your eye crusted shut and have to use warm water to soften it up so you can open it.

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@Snarp Oh my! I’ll have to get pink… oh wait, nevermind that sounds horrible.

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“dried up eye leakage”

MMmmm good.

My dog gets it all the time. I keep his eyes clean, I am not a fan of runny eye gunk stains.
After I am done. He needs to smell it. He demands it. Then he takes his sniff a quick lick and back to your regularly scheduled program.

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“eye boogers” sounds ridiculous and “eye snot” is disgusting.

I always called it sleep or sleep dust.

It is the dried crystallised solute from your tears, like if you let a glass of salty water dry up.

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@erichw1504 Yeah, but having it is not so bad compared to your toddler having it and having to keep him home and give him drops in the eye while he screams like a banshee 7 times a day (The drops don’t hurt, little kids just tend not to like getting drops in their eyes). Giving a chocolate kiss after every successful application of drops quiets the screaming after the first day though.

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I’ve always called them…or it… sleep. E.g. “You have sleep in your eye.”

Its just dried up tears from sleeping all night and the tears build up then dry out.

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My parents called them sleepers when I was growing up.

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