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What one new law would you like to introduce to the country in which you live?

Asked by TheJoker (2795points) February 10th, 2010

Personally I would like to outlaw Chav clothing. I know this wouldn’t eliminate the problem of Chavs, but at least we wouldn’t have to see them in their skanky Adidas tracksuits with the legs tucked into their socks, & their fake, crappy bling….

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Is this a serious or fun question?

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Legalize Pot(marijuana)!!

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All neighbors should be fully clothed unless ther curtains are drawn.

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Representation for taxation.

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What’s a Chav?

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Legalize gay marriage in all 50 states.

@lucillelucillelucille Noooooo! Spying on my naked neighbors is my favorite past time activity.

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I would like the government to step out of marriage completely. What business is it of the government who I or anyone else loves. Why do I have to pay the government a fee to “allow” me to be with someone I love.

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Stretch pants over a size 12 should be a felony. Outlaw Speedos while we are at it!

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@Shae You don’t. You do have to pay a fee to have a legal contract that helps to govern your inheritance and your benefits filed.

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A law that prohibits the national government from openly associating itself with one religion or religious stance. This should be a part of the constitution of any multi-cultural society.

It’s only fair for us non-Christians, and it would form a solid legal obstacle to Sharia law.

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Require all politicians to take a test on the Constitution & the scores should be published.

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Everyone can get married.

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@snarp I have an inheritance?! Great, can’t wait to get it.

And benefits for people who marry are wrongs also. Just as benifits for people who make babies. Why should they get more?

And if its about protecting these things then why is this protection denied to gay couples?

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Also, women will be paid the same as men.

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@Shae I think you misunderstood me. Employers choose to offer health care coverage and other benefits to spouses and children of employees. A marriage contract sets a legal framework for determining who is eligible for such benefits, otherwise one could claim whoever they happen to be shacked up with at the moment, which would be too expensive and unstable for accountants to handle. What marriage essentially does is allow you to select one individual who you want to designate as your closest relative who is not already your relative. In doing so and in combining property, using a legal contract is a reasonable approach and it gives a clear signal to courts, government, employers, and others that this person is your legitimate family and entitled to share in your assets, visit you in the hospital when visitation is restricted, care for your children, whatever. And this protection is denied to gay couples because people are fearful and ignorant.

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If the government stepped out of marriage it wouldn’t exist! Or it would be nominal and so pointless.
If you don’t like the form of marriage, don’t get married?
You don’t have to get married to be with someone you love! It is only a contract, that makes your partnership official in the eyes of the law.

Also, I would ban Jehova’s Witnesses all preachers and other forms of direct unsolicited selling.

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@the Idler
dude I would totally ban Jehova’s Witesses too. And he is right marriage would be pointless without the Gov.

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And once again I say the government should not be determining who I consider family. I live with my best friend. We share a house and groceries and bills and a life. Why should I not be able to decide she is my family. Why should the asshole I work with who has 2 kids he ignores and and wife he beats be able to get health insurance from his company for his “family” b/c the government says his family is real and mine is not.

I don’t have a husband and I don’t really have parents anymore so I have to make my own family. Why is my family less? Why should I have less protection?

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You think people need government to be married? That is really weird. Marriage and family existed before governments.

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Make senior citizens re-do their driving test after a certain age. If they cannot see or hear, they have no business being on the road!!!!

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@Shae get married (or civil partnership) to your best friend then.

If the government stepped out, then there would be no recognized “real family” at all. You would rather noone had a legally recognized family, because you don’t have one!?

I don’t see your point. You would rather marriage was legally meaningless, but then you would still be in the same position….

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@Shae We’ve gone totally off topic. If you want to have this discussion ask a question about it or I’ll be happy to PM you with my response.

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@Vunessuh-Look at mine and you risk turning to stone.You must have good neighbors.

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@lucillelucillelucille Absolutely not. My neighbors are fat and ugly and bald. That’s why it’s fun! XD

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It should be mandatory to have street lights at every crossroad and intersection.

This town is lame.

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Producers of reality TV should be punished by 5 years hard labor.

That includes Dancing With The Stars, American Idol and Biggest Looser.

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“My neighbors are fat and ugly and bald.”

If you’re referring to a mixed-gender couple, then I can see some entertainment potential in that. ;-)

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A bloody non smoking law in Greece!!!!!!

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@Dracool I concur.
@ChazMaz I concur.
@galileogirl I concur.

Also, more rigorous traffic enforcement. Honk honk

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@Vunessuh -We must be looking in the same window.

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@bellusfemina there already is a law

I would make a law that the existing laws on the books that are nonsense should be removed, and all other laws must be enforced. In our town, the chief of police has publicly announced that his people would no longer be investigating burglaries, and they long ago stopped investigating bicycle thefts.

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I still want to know what a chav is. I have a feeling this question was more of a rant about chavs. It must be some sort of derogatory term.

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@tinyfaery A chav is what we call a JD or juvenile delenquent, a young street thug, or these days a gang banger. They wear a stereotypical type of clothing, and exhibit mannerisms that set them apart.

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Okay. I was right.

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@tinyfaery…. Hehe, Nah this question just allowed me to do 2 things at once, see what interesting & potentially wacky ideas people have…. & have a mini-rant about chavs :)

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