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Which Python member was/is your favourite & why?

Asked by ucme (46855points) February 10th, 2010

All extremely talented in their own way, all went on to establish long successful careers other than Chapman of course tragic. But who did you rate the best, most consistently funny & do you think that anything they did post python bettered those classic early episodes?

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I like them all but John Cleese is the one for me.Yeah,I think he is sexy.the silly walk skits get me every time

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@lucillelucillelucille Just don’t mention the Germans. Yeah he gets my vote. Arise Lord Cleese of mirth.

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John Cleese, mainly due to the range of his comedic performances and the Ministry of Silly Walks. Also as a side note related to your other question, he apparently said: “Michael Palin is no longer the funniest Palin”. in reference to Sarah.

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Terry Gilliam was the genius behind the visuals which gave their comedy that raw insane verve that still to this day has not been even closely imitated.

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@Snarp-Yes!The Ministry of Silly Walks!!Thanks for jogging my memory!lol:))

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@Cruiser-That’s what he said!+ The Tom Jones Anthology!

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Guido van Rossum for his benevolent dictatorship.

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Cleese is great, but I gotta go with Eric Idle.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Yeah he runs in a close 2nd.

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@phoenyx Edam good at what he does.

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Oh, goodness, I loved them all, and their wickedly brilliant talents, but Graham Chapman was secretly my favorite because he was such a doll. I was sad when he died.

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@Jeruba Yeah the good die young. Will always remember him as the messiah,oh sorry “he’s not the messiah he’s a very naughty boy. Now fuck off”

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Cleese because of this skit

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@Mike_Hunt….& now for something completely different.

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@phoenyx I was thinking the same thing when this showed up in my questions list. Wow, I feel like a dork, lol.

In terms of performance, I always though John Cleese was the most entertaining. Terry Gilliam was a close second, but I only really grew fond of him watching the movies that he went on to direct later, like Brazil.

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Michael Palin but then, he is one oof my favourite people of all time. I love his travel documentary’s so much. He comes across as such a genuinly decent chap!

I recently went to see him get presented with a comedy award and I was absolutely buzzing about seeing him “in the flesh”.

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I think Michael Palin is probably my favorite. The Lumberjack Song and The Dead Parrot sketches are probably two of my favorite, along with the Ministry of Silly Walks.

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Also I like Terry Gilliam for his job on Fear and Loathing.

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Michael Palin.

I think he’s the best actor of the bunch. I love Ripping Yarns. I love his novel, Hemingway’s Chair. I adore his travel series. He was very good-looking when he was young, though I think they were all quite handsome. Plus, he really is very nice. And any brain that came up with the premise and general flow of The Spanish Inquisition? Yeah, Mike’s the man!

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Why yes I am :)

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My fav is Michael Palin, but they were all geniuses geniusi geniusses really smart.

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@aprilsimnel He’s wonderful isn’t he!

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