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Was it fate that the saints won the superbowl?

Asked by c_will103 (43points) February 10th, 2010

I am a die-hard colts fan. As you know we were beat in superbowl 44. People have been saying that the saints have wanted it more, or that it was fate. I personally believe it was a fluke and will never happen again. What do you think?

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I don’t believe in a fate and I really don’t believe in Never.

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There is no such thing as fate.

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That answer entirely depends on whether or not you believe fate exists.

I don’t. I believe the Saints were simply the better team at this time. Perhaps if they went up against eachother 2 months ago, Colts would’ve managed to pull off the victory instead.

edit: I think “Wanting it more” vs “Fate” is a false dichotomy. I didn’t watch the game, but it could very well be a miscalculation of the wind for a throw that ruined the Colts in some occasions. A guy could’ve made the wrong decision on whether to evade someone by going left vs. going right. Those don’t have anything to do with wanting something more.

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They wanted it more.

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No, it’s a game, teams win and lose.

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This question makes no sense.

If there is such a thing as “fate”, then everything is predetermined, and the outcome of every event and action is indeed “fate”.

If there is no such thing as “fate”, then obviously it wasn’t fate.

To ask if this one event was fate, implying that there could be others that weren’t…. I don’t understand.

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No, that day they were a better team than the Colts!

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look, you can banter it back and forth all you want but at the end of the day, you have to realize they played better than the colts. Not to say the colts arent a great team, because they are indeed very skilled. however. The saints made the adjustments at the half and came out swinging. That was the difference in the game. Its who starts off hot, and who can adjust as the game goes on.

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I think it was that call in their favour re: the touchdown with 5:34 left in the game. ;D

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It was the talent and determination of the New Orleans Saints that won the Superbowl. They outplayed the overrated Indianapolis Colts and that’s simply the way it is.

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No, they just had more drive and reason.

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Its one game. Even if the Colts were the better team statistically, its still possible for any team to beat any team. Any given Sunday, ya know? Anyhow, anyone that says it was “fate” is full of shit, fate has nothing to do with it. What it does have to do with is who prepared more, who played harder, which quarterback threw more accurate passes, which punt returner didn’t fumble the ball. Wtf, fate my assssss.

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I think so. After all Peyton Manning spent his boyhood in New Orleans, watched his dad play quarterback for the Saints, and dreamt that one day he’d throw the winning touchdown for the Saints in the Super Bowl… and he did!

Happy Lombardi Gras!

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All skill baby!! I am usually a Colts fan, but ended up routing for the Saints because this is my family’s hometown. They were also the underdogs and I think they had the drive.

“Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints? Who dat? Who dat? Who dat won tha Superbowl? Dem Saints!! Dem Saints!!”

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it was fate that the best team would win…

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Certainly don’t think i was a fluke…I watched the game, and they won because they had better plays. The Colts are a great team. So are the Saints. And it could happen again if they keep playing like they did this season.

I also don’t think it was fate….that just makes a good “story” for the news with the recovery after Katrina and all.

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This game was meant to be won by the Saints. many people have prayed hard and long for a change in helping Lousiana and New Orleans to recover from the rath of hurricane Katrina. many lives and property were taken forever. prayers were answered when that one Saints pass interception took place and not a soul could have stopped No. 22 from running back a touchdown. that was a miracle happening in HD. it was destiny. it was meant to be and now the good people of Louisiana can restore the smiles on their faces, since Katrina had taken them all away. i am so glad the Saints won the Super Bowl. it has restored the lost pride that many of the residents have faced, since that terrible weather incident. have you ever had the feeling when something is right, its right? so many prayers were answered and so be it.

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Footnote to the prior comment: That day the Saints were a better team, but in my humble opinion, if they played 10 times, the Saints would win 6 of those games! Two very close matched teams talent wise! Both teams have great QB“s, both teams have a great defense, but the Saints have an edge on the offensive line. Also, talent wise the wide receivers and running backs are equal in talent. Just think the Saints have the best offensive line. The Saint’s defensive line put more pressue on Peyton than I’ve seen all year.

And, one other thing, if Dwight Feeney had been healthy, the edge on defense would go to the Colts. With a healthy Feeney, if they played 10 games, it would be a draw. Of all the teams I’ve seen play in the Super Bowl, and I’ve seen every Super Bowl, these were the two most evenly matched teams ever.

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