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what do you love/hate most about the Lakers?

Asked by Riser (3485points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I love the Kobe/Gasol relationship. I hate that they still half ass their job sometimes.

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what do you mean still half ass their job sometimes? have you not been watching?

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oh yes. “They” (the team in general) treat their smaller games as though they are guaranteed to win, therefore half assing it.

Kobe and Gasol have been giving 110% every game.

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i hate how the whole lakers squad is full of douches. And I guess the only thing I like about them is that the spurs will romp them

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I am sorry for your soul sir.

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Lakers= overrated

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I grew up in LA area. Was a Lakers fan in the 80’s. It was a great time to be a Lakers fan.
Now, with someone like Kobe leading the team they just don’t seem to have the class of the Lakers of the 80’s.
However, I do believe that with the acquisition of Gasol, they have the pieces that will win the NBA Championship.
I don’t believe they are overrated and while I like the Spurs, they are on the downswing. They may still win it this year, but the Lakers are improving while the Spurs seem to be sliding a bit.

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The class of Lakers has diminished with the class of the league trainerboy. The Lakers are still one of the most prestigious franchises in sports. The Lakers will win the title this year without any injuries to key players. The depth and willingness to play defense and share the ball will allow them to prosper in the playoffs. The thing I love about the Lakers is that they have such a strong commitment to winning. I hate that they don’t have Bynum to dominate even more.

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