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Good ways to write for money?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) February 10th, 2010 from IM

I’d love to write for money. Blogging is at the top of my head. What outlets do you suggest for me to go and apply? Thanks!

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Write the Great American Novel

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Try writing an article for your local paper and submit it. Say they can just use it if they like it.
You never know, they might like it enough to get you to write some more.

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Be an English or Language Arts teacher

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have some writing samples or write up some samples and scour your local Craigslist. non-paying gigs can turn into paying gigs. it helps to have a niche interest (but not too niche) in which you can specialize as you can find work writing in/about that interest.

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Here are three sites I use. You can make a profile and start right away. If you can prove your ability by doing well, you will be offered better and better gigs.

Virtually any freelancing site will have a writing section with jobs you can bid on.

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@Dan_DeColumna Do you actually make any money doing that? I mean, enough to be worthwhile? I’ve wondered about those types of sites for a while, now.

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@augustlan: Like anything, you have to actually work at it. You get out of it what you put in. Constant Content is probably the most beginner friendly site listed.
Let me give you some examples:


Customer ***** has requested a new article on Constant-Content, below are the details:

Title: Hip Hop Entertainment

Description: Articles on Hip hop entertainment

Subjects: Lil Waynes prison sentence, Drake and the whole Young money crew. Ludachris’s up incoming album. etc…

Other notes:

Amount of Articles: 2
Price per Article: $100–150
Length of Article: 200–350


Customer ******** has requested a new article on Constant-Content, below are the details:

Title: weight loss niche & financial niche

Description: I’m looking for someone to write about 150 articles for me in the weight loss and financial niche, using the keywords that I provide

Subjects: weight loss niche & financial niche

Other notes: the reason i have the price at 10–20 is because I’m looking for a bulk rate

Amount of Articles: 150
Price per Article: $10–20
Length of Article: 300–500


Customer ***** has requested a new article on Constant-Content, below are the details:

Title: Book Reviews

Description: book reviews in general

Subjects: book reviews

Other notes:

Amount of Articles: 2
Price per Article: $30–40
Length of Article: 500–600


There are hundreds of topics available, all at different prices, lengths, and specifications.

Yes, you can make money doing it. I do.

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@Dan_DeColumna Excellent! Thanks for that info.

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@augustlan: My pleasure.

(Note: Be cautious taking writing gigs on Craigslist. You can pull it off successfully, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be paid.)

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I was just checking out constant content. Does that site get a lot of buyer traffic? Because unlike other sites where buyers post want ads of a sort, it looks like you just write whatever you want and hope someone comes along that’s willing to pay for it. (Just found the link that answers this question…) Curious to know which site makes you the most money.

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@lilikoi: Constant-content is mostly built around trying to get your content sold to buyers. To find the requests for particular content, there is a separate part of the site, sort of like the back door through the kitchen.

As for which site generates the most money… Starting out, constant-content. As a newbie, you get the crap jobs on the other two sites. Once you get a reputation going as a ghostwriter, elance and guru are the places to be. Which of the two is better is dependent on each individual job.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you would like.


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I was actually wondering about this too. Thanks for the info.

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To @Dan_DeColumna and all others, thank you very much. I will give a go at constant-content for starters! Looks promising :-)

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