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How honest are you with yourself?

Asked by jackm (6200points) February 10th, 2010

Do you notice when you are being self righteous or smug? Would you admit it to others, or even yourself?

Do people tell you something about yourself and you simply refuse to believe it?

Do you ever doubt yourself or do you assume you are right?

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I always think bad about myself, why? Because I think it’s true. There’s not many positive things I say about me. Sure people will point it out to me as well, but I don’t get mad. You need to say what you think sometimes; either good or bad.

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I consider what others have to say…or!I am stubborn in some ways but have been known to apologize to people I have wronged.Not just an I’m sorry either.I am more than capable of empathy.As for realising when I am being a jackassssss,sometime I run with that attitude until it’s all played out ;)

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It’s no use lying, especially to yourself. Some will argue a level of lying to self is healthy and even needed. But I prefer to just face the truths.
I’m cautious about my own truth about self, or others’. Either can be wrong. So, again, douglas’s “don’t panic” advice works best here too.

Doubt is always present – but to a balanced degree.

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Very honest. I wish everyone was.

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I’m like @Tink1113. If someone tells me something bad about me, I tend to think they must be right. If they tell me something good, it’s a toss-up. If they give me good reasons, I’ll believe them; otherwise I’ll think they’re blowing smoke up my ass.

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I could say completely but I might be lying. I could say never but that might be a lie too. Quite the conundrum.

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I’m honest enough with myself that I make myself sick as a person. I don’t worry about it too much though. Otherwise, if I lie to myself, I’m usually not aware, although after some self reflection I like to think that I can figure it out eventually, or maybe that in itself is lying to oneself.
Not sure really, but I try.

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I cannot say how honest I would be if I said I was very honest at all. All of my self compositions, recollections, and observations of myself are simply that of what I am noticing.

To answer your question in a non-theological answer I would say I am quite conscious of what I do and say, even up to the point that I can be a bit rough with myself.

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Not very.

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My issue is with the name calling. What you call ‘self righteous’ is a valid opinion to another. Why would there be any need to label an opinion as ‘smug’ or ‘sanctimonious’?
I have had people say “You think your better than me” for no other reason than they were intimidated by my answer. I don’t think any such thing, and no one can read my mind, so why assign labels to their own interpretation of my words?

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I’m honest with myself..sometimes..
overall.. I would say I am not honest with myself

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Very interesting question.

I’m wondering though…would any answer given be biased?

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I can feel myself turning smug-ass. I have to do some head shaking!!

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I do notice it, it just might not be right away. But I am not opposed to seeing flaws in myself. If something is wrong, then I want to notice it. I like to think I am honest with myself. I admit being too sensitive sometimes, misunderstanding things, being hypocritical sometimes, being quick to anger sometimes, etc.

Being a person on the opposite end of Tink and Wundayatta, if someone tells me something bad about me, I tend not to believe it, but as @wundayatta said, if there’s good evidence, then I will believe it. I try hard to get passed this initial haughtiness because if there is a flaw and someone notices it, I want to improve and not just ignore them. However, I have come across people who have said things about me that I simply did not ever agree with (of course, that’s usually on the internet where people can’t ever truly get to know me).

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@SABOTEUR Loll :)))))))))

we are who we are….don’t spend much time second guessing myself! just try to be nice to everyone and “let the chips fall where they fall!”

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@BoBo1946 Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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No. I live in a fantasy world sometimes, and I overthink everything way too much. Sometimes I have to tell myself to step back and think clearly.

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