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What are some things to do online with my gf while I'm in Japan?

Asked by nsexton2 (10points) February 10th, 2010

I’m stuck out here for another 6 months! I need something better than stinking yahoo apps or chess!

Fooling around is nice, but not quite the same. Help!

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I’m not dating Allie yet. But we both like to download shows and watch them at the same time and discuss them over chat.

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You can make fooling around pretty intense if you want to.

You can also have a conversation. Or shoot, what would you be doing if you were together, hanging out? Reading? Watching TV? A movie? Mostly I just think it’s cool to see someone when they’re halfway around the world.

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I would do web cam chat with her. It can be innocent or really naughty. Plus, no huge phone bill to worry about.

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HS!! 6 MONTHS!!! You are so toast!!

Try something creative like taking turns writing a story where you each write one sentence at a time…or find an art program where you can each take turns drawing a part of a sketch…each time you are on line go on virtual dates where each of you plans a virtual date at some new local anywhere in the world complete with Kodak moments.

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Depends what she likes to do, maybe find an online game to play together if she is into that kind of stuff. Another good one would be webcam chatting, especially when you can bring in other friends into the conversation over multiple computers.

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Did you read Andrew’s question recently?
Some good advice there…

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