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What does it mean when the person you like saves you in a dream?

Asked by latinagirl56 (112points) February 10th, 2010

A few nights ago i had a dream that i was standing at the edge of a cliff. Then the ground beneath me started to crubble and i was about to fall to my death when the guy i currently have a crush on reached out and grabbed my arm before i was out of reach. He pulled me up and then we just sat on the cliff starring at the sunset. :P (sounds corny but thats what happen lol)

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It means that you had a dream. They happen sometimes.

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I wouldnt tell this person about your dream.

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@life_after_2012 neither would I.

- It just meas you like him, nothing out of the ordinary. I dreamed Rob Pattinson came to my house and saved me from getting hit by a car.. i like him. a lot.

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You’ve been watching Twilight too much.

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Sounds like a nice dream.I fight bears alot in mine.Not wimpy black bear either,I fight Kodiaks and grizzlies.It’s exhausting ;)

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It means that when you were in the process of creating this dream, your mind chose your crush to be a part of it.
That’s all.

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I’ve had a dream like this before… the night before my first girlfriend dumped me ;( To be the heroine of my dreams, she sure turned out to be a b*tch

maybe this wasn’t a good example…

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@Tink1113 I know but like I’m not obsessed with twilight. He was just so.. nice and sweet and handsome and brave in my dream. I just want to live in it. It felt so real. It was Rob Pattinson as a normal person, not a celeb. I need to stop. My expectations are too high.

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well for the record i cant stand twilight
sorry :)

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What a cool dream. But anyway, it’s just a dream. I wish it meant more, because then I’d be happy with my dreams myself, but it’s all it is. But enjoy it!!

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Sounds like your wants and desires directed your dream creating what you wanted to be…
aren’t dreams wonderful?

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It means you have a huge crush on this guy…hence the ground crushing under foot…

The grabbing and pulling before you had your first date is being a little too forward though…watch out for this guy!! ;)

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ew. not that deep cruiser

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I once had a dream that Stephen King (I love his mind, not his looks.) and I were in love with one another, but each too honorable to leave our respective spouses or have an affair. What did it mean? I love Stephen King’s mind. That’s it. Sorry it’s not more!

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To be absolutely honest with you, it is either your mind at play, a subconscious pattern made within your mind about the person in question; OR A MIGHTY SIGN FROM GODDDDDDD!

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It means he likes you back.

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It means nothing. Except that you were thinking about him so much that in your dream he got mixed into it.

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It’s fun to have a crush on someone you like. A lot of dreams are just a mishmash of weird random stuff, but this one was completely focused on your crush. I’m not so sure that analyzing dreams really means anything, but I think the fact that the whole dream was about him means that you think about him a lot. The rest of the dream was a form of escapism. Sometimes people secretly wish that their crush would rescue them from their problems or sweep them off their feet and take them somewhere better. Maybe you’re dealing with stress in your life and spend a lot of time daydreaming about your crush to get away from it.

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It doesn’t men anything your dreams all come from your subconscious and having nothing to do with his,but maybe you should ask him out.

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