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If dexterity with ones hands is called manual dexterity...

Asked by Drgrafenbergmd (387points) February 10th, 2010

If dexterity with ones hands is called manual dexterity, then what would one call dexterity with ones feet (foot?)?

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Pedical dexterity.

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Automatic, baby.

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Twinkle toes?

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“Riverdance!Lord of the Dance“or “Feet of Flames“or Micheal Flatfeetly…or maybe something else…lYes,I would call you “Something else’ if you are dextrous with your feet!lol!

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Pedal dexterity. Used, for instance, here
Pedical is not a word.

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Playing Footsie.

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I thought it was some fetish thing. Or would that be a footish thing?

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Yeah, what @gasman said, it would be “pedal dexterity”.

Basically, you take the stem of the Latin word for the thing and add ”-al” and you have a “fancy/scientific” English word.

“Foot” in Latin is “pes, pedis”. Ped + al = pedal.
“Hand” in Latin is “manus, manus”. Manu + al = manual.
“Arm” in Latin is “brachium, brachii”. Brachi + al = brachial.
“Head” in Latin is “caput, capitis”. Capit + al = capital. :P

Oral (os, oris), dental (dens, dentis), labial (labium, labii), nasal (nasus, nasi), etc.

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@All; I made that up; it sounded reasonable. Cuticle, pedicle, manical, maniacal, digit—->digital,

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I wanna have nasal dexterity!

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Ocular dexterity anyone? So, anyone have any other cool kinds of dexterity?

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Hula dancers have gluteal dexterity.

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Belly dancers have navelal dexterity.

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And sailors have naval dexterity.

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@janbb: Umph-alos to you; or as Milo says, ”ομφαλός.”

In animals with four feet (are there any other kind), it’s called digital dexterity.

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@gailcalled Milo is one amazingly erudite cat!

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