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Why is my skin so red, and how can I stop it?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) February 10th, 2010

I have quite red facial skin, and I do have some acne. It is not severe, but it is kind of bad. I just got Yaz yesterday so I hope my skin will start to clear up within about 4 months. But my skin is just really red, and usually kind of hot. I was thinking of buying that powder from Clinique that covers redness, but it is like thirty eight dollars. I would rather cure my red skin than cover it up. Does anyone know why my skin is red, and if it’s related to the acne? What tips, and things can I do to stop the redness?

Also I have kind of dry skin, but I mositurize it everyday. It used to be really oily when I was younger, but now it’s quite dry. I have benzyl peroxide (sorry for the typo) for my acne but it makes my skin even redder. I am a teenager (16) if that makes a difference.

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Have you checked to see if it’s possible that you are suffering from Rosacea? It requires a different treatment from acne.

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The first thing that came to my mind was also rosacea. Also consider eczema and dermatitis.

I would proceed cautiously in applying new products to the affected area as it could make things worse.

Please also be aware of the litigation against Yaz, and more importantly seriously consider potential side effects and risks before using it.

This page seems to have some good info.

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I might suggest that you visit a dermatologist. That way you could get a diagnosis and thus be made aware of appropriate treatment.

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@dpworkin Maybe, I could have it. I looked at pictures of rosacea on google and I’m not as red as most of them. Although my BFF’s mother has it and I never really noticed. So I guess I may have just mild rosacea. I would make an apponitment with my dermatologist but it takes like 3 months to get an apponitment with her.

@lilikoi Thanks. I’ll read up on it. I think I’ll make an appointment with my dermatologist.

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With you saying that your skin is hot to the touch, you definitely have a problem other than acne.

You really should see a dermatologist.

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I would also check environmental factors, particularly if you have family who don’t live under the same roof and who don’t have the skin redness.

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Try changing your diet:

Beat an egg yolk, apply it with a cotton ball and leave it on for 15 minutes. Alternatively, mix oatmeal and honey together to form a paste and apply it to your face. Oatmeal soaks up excess oil and honey soothes the skin.

Take acidophilus to fight bacteria.

Eat a diet high in fiber, including whole grains and fresh vegetables and fruits, to keep your body healthy overall and provide nutrients to your skin. Stay away from junk food, caffeine and salty foods.

Determine whether specific foods aggravate your skin and eliminate them from your diet.

Consider adding zinc supplements to your diet.

Limit your exposure to the sun and reduce the stress in your life.

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@mass_pike4 I have rosacea as well….haven’t heard about zinc, what’s the benefit?

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I just started taking Zinc about two days ago, I have heard it does great things with everyday prolonged usage. I take a 50MG pill once a day before a meal because I hear it can upset your stomach if you don’t eat with it. However I heard you should not take more then 150MG a day as anything more can be toxic for the body. I started taking it for acne reasons.

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Could it be the facewash you are using? Have you changed this recently?

Maybe your skin is reacting to something new you are using on your face.

But as the others have said, you need to see a dermatologist.

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Interesting about the zinc!

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You could buy zinc and castor oil cream. It is used for babies bottoms, so it must be mild enough for your skin.

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Go to a dermatologist ASAP. I thought I had rosacea, and was even mis-diagnosed by my primary doctor. He prescribed a medication which only made things worse. Two months later I saw a dermatologist who properly diagnosed a form of dermatitis.

A few things you can do in the meantime:
– switch to Dove (non-scented) and don’t wash your face with anything else (shampoo)
– wash your face only with freshly-laundered washcloth (scent-free detergent)
– wash your face with warm water, and not more than twice/day
– be gentle when washing… no excessive scrubbing

Finally, if your symptoms don’t improve from the above ideas:
– get a new pillow and/or a dust-mite pillow-cover
– buy 7 pillow cases, wash them in scent-free detergent, use a fresh one each night

Good luck

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@partyparty No I haven’t bought any new facial cleansers. I use a couple of different ones, and alternate them for how my skin feels. Lately it has been pretty dry so I’ve been using Spectro Gel for a couple of days. I know Spectro isn’t the problem because I use it all the time.

@GladysMensch I pretty much do all that stuff already, except I use my hands (I am scared of germs on a washcloth, even though its clean) I don’t do the pillow thing though. I usually switch up my pillow every 4 days. Thanks, I’ll take it nito consideration.

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Just an update I have been taking Zinc for about 3–4 weeks now 70MG a day and I can’t believe how much it has helped. Out of all the crap I have spent money on and these $4 pills are the things that are clearing my skin up. I was breaking out bad along my jaw with what I think might have been cystic acne or some kind of issue withe my hair follicles and all the face wash and cream was not even even touching them. Sure it cleared up the small stuff when it was around but did nothing for the bad ones. I have been using an inexpensive over the counter acne wash by Clean and Clear called continuous control – it’s in a purple bottle. I wash my face twice a day with that and at night use some benzoic peroxide cream on my face along with the Zinc and it cleared up all the bad stuff within a week. I was amazed! Sure I still break out a little but not nearly as bad and I have a feeling the longer I take the Zinc the better things will get! Not saying this will work for everyone because we all have different skin and differen skin issued but it’s worth a shot and the Zinc can’t really harm you unless you are taking over 150MG I believe. I am sure you can take much more then that but I read online some place you should not exceed 120–150MG a day.

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Has your red skin problem gotten better? I have to tell you that I recently quit drinking soda pop and replacing it with water…and bought Mac Studio Fix makeup and mine is WAY better…everyone I know has commented. Just a tip!

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@kikibirdjones No it isn’t any better. And I’ve noticed I’m only really getting my acne on my cheeks. But I do drink a fair bit of diet pop. But I do use the MAC studio finish concealer and it helps a little bit I guess. I’m going to buy the products from Clinique that combat redness, so I hope it will start to get better.

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Try the zinc lol 3 weeks later and im still more then impressed with the results ive been getting…I stopped taking it for 2 days and had a little break out…you need to stick with it but I honestly can’t believe this was all i needed lol

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@johnny0313x Sure, I’ll give it a go!

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I talked to a Pharmacist and she said the MAX per day a human should intake is 150MG however even at 50MG that is 300% of the daily amount you should have. I currently am taking 115MG and have been fine and seeing great results. Just thought I’d share…

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@johnny0313x I’ll be sure to bring it up to my derm next time I make an appointment. :)

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