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If you own a Toyota, are you concerned about the recalls?

Asked by babaji (1440points) February 10th, 2010

There was of course the carpet thing, but recently with the sudden burst of speed because of maybe the gas pedal or a software update needed, how concerned are you?

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Yes and no.

Mine isn’t one that is being recalled. And even if I did have a recall car, I wouldn’t be worried. The problems are very rare, and they’re fixing them, anyway.

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I own one, and there are three in my immediate family. You could call us a Toyota family, but we have two 4Runners and a Sienna, all older. No worries, although I’d be worried if I had a very new Camry or Prius.

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Nope. Not one bit.

Then again, mine is an ‘85 Corolla :)

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@wundayatta You’re right. Further, this is a voluntary recall by the company as opposed to a mandated recall by the govt. Toyota decided to implement the voluntary recall when only .01% of it’s production had manifested the defect. Not 1%, not one/tenth of one percent, but one/hundredth of one percent. This media blast and govt jawboning is idiocy. One cannot help but wonder how long it would have taken any one of the US Big 3 to investigate the matter. Toyota, in fact, has the least number of recalls of all automobile companies and this one will cost it sales of at least 80,000 vehicles.

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I’m not worried. I have an Echo that is not subject to any of the recalls, and a Prius that is not subject to the gas pedal recall, but may have the brake problem. But given the minor nature of the brake issue, I’m not overly concerned, but will get it taken care of soon. I don’t see it as suggestive of any larger problems with the cars.

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My family had a Mercury minivan growing up, and it had a sticky gas pedal. It was annoying, and there was no way to fix it (the dealer tried several times), so we just dealt with it. Theoretically it could have been dangerous, but we got used to driving it… Wasn’t that big of a deal.

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We currently have a 2010 Sienna and a 2006 4Runner, neither of which has been found to have the problem. As far as I can tell, the solution if your car were to suddenly accelerate would be to stomp on the brake (as recommended by Toyota) and push the shift lever into neutral. In our cars the latter is very easy to do because of the location of the shift lever.

When I was a kid we had two different cars that had “sticky” gas pedals, a Ford Taurus and an IH Travelall. We just dealt with it when the pedal stuck precisely the same way I listed above.

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