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Rosacea: If you have it, what makes it worse?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) February 10th, 2010

I was recently diagnosed with it, but pretty much figured it out long ago.
My dermatologist told me that Dr. Pepper is a trigger because of the red dye and caffeine…which broke my heart.
What things do you avoid to keep the redness down? What products do you use? And have you tried laser treatments?

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Here’s a site you may find of interest:

On this site they list a number of possible causes in order of frequency:

Sun exposure 81%
Emotional stress 79%
Hot weather 75%
Wind 57%
Heavy exercise 56%
Alcohol consumption 52%
Hot baths 51%
Cold weather 46%
Spicy foods 45%
Humidity 44%
Indoor heat 41%
Certain skin-care products 41%
Heated beverages 36%
Certain cosmetics 27%
Medications 15%
Medical conditions 15%
Certain fruits 13%
Marinated meats 10%
Certain vegetables 9%
Dairy products 8%
Other factors 24%

I had rosacea for severl years. The primary cause in my case was stress.

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This contradicts the sun exposure above and these are more suggestions on reducing it rather then aggravating Rosacea but I heard for many skin problems (acne and forms dry skin mostly) Tanning beds in moderation can help clear them up. Just something to look into, not sure about it’s effects on Rosacea.

Also some white clay masks can help draw things out of the skin sooth and reduce redness, maybe something else to look into.

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Sun makes it worse.

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