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What are some fun metal shop projects?

Asked by KoolKats (10points) February 10th, 2010

I’m out of things to do at my schools metal shop. I was wondering if you jellies had any particular favorites. I’m fairly good with metal but I can’t weld. I could solder things together though.

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I find that car parts are fun. Then again, my metalworking skills mostly involve milling machines and lathes.

If I were in a “normal” metal shop, I would likely make a custom case for my PC. I saw one PC case made of ¼” diamond plate. Why? Because he could!

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Maybe you could put those soldering skills to use and make something with a dead computer, then enter the dead computer contest. How about upcycling an old cat food can into a camping stove. Maybe a hovercraft. Or fighting robot. There is this one guy that makes pretty awesome sculptures (kind of like a metal version of russian dolls), but I can’t remember his name…it was a lot cooler than it sounds. Anyway, you could make your own sculpture. Or maybe something more large scale. You should totally learn how to weld if you like metal. It opens up so many more possibilities!

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Bill Cosby did a bit on this. He threw some bullets into the furnace.

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Really rad door knocker, chess set, 5 large dice for a Yahtzee game, handle for your razor, pen body, .

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Bird houses made of recycled metal, such as coffee containers.

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A new tailgate for my truck?

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