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Where in NYC should I take my girlfriend for dinner on V day?

Asked by shockvalue (5797points) February 10th, 2010

We are both Vegetarians, so if you know any restaurants that have at least a few non meat options, that would be great. Also, I am art student-poor, but this is a special event, so I have some money saved up… I just can’t go spending 200 bucks on a dinner.

We live in the East village, but anywhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn is fair game.


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Come to my place in the slope. You care of the tip. The bill is on me.
Completely serious.

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@breedmitch You, sir, are one helluva guy. Completely serious. <3

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I took my wife to Blue Hill in NYC for our anniversary. We had a great time.
Edit: They have quite a few vegetarian items, but I also saw the budgetary constraints, and Blue Hill might be pricier than you are looking for.

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Oooh I do love me some Blue Hill. (Dan’s a friend of a friend.) Shock, if you really want to impress, go there. Wonder if they’re fully booked…

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@breedmitch Hmm. The best things I had weren’t even what I ordered but were either amuse bouche (tiny sliders made from beets, almonds and ricotta cheese) or simple things like arugula flavored salt and fresh bread. The vegetarian things we had were fantastic: squash ravioli, brussel sprouts, cold lemon-thyme soup with apple sorbet and Quince champagne sabayon and lemon sponge cake. Guess I have to go back next time I’m in NYC.

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Oh so right, but the best is to go to stone barns I had a good friend that worked pastry there and was sooo privileged to get to dine there. They showed me the curing room, and then the secret curing room. ohhhh. An amazing experience. Was there at the height of summer bounty.

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The French Laundry of New York is what I hear. Maybe in another life ;-)

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let me know when you want to go. i’ll tell them you’re coming. ;)

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The Free Clinic? VDay LOL

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Oooh, you should go to @breedmitch‘s place! I was there recently and it’s fabooo!

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I would go to an Indian restaurant; great vegetarian food, reasonably priced and not as crowded on V-Day as other restaurants might be. I recommend Bombay Saphire on Columbus near 60th St. – nice atmosphere, great food and reasonable.

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There are so many restaurants to choose from, I’ll suggest something a little unorthodox. Take her out for desert to the Magnolia Bakery for some delicious cupcakes.

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@Snarp Magnolia is over-rated . . . I went there once for the last time simply because the SO saw it on SITC. . . . I’d rather go to Rocco’s down the street…

As for dining, consider Gobo, on 6th Ave/bet Waverly & W8 St

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@njnyjobs Well I went to Magnolia Bakery before anybody had heard of it and before there were imitator cupcake places popping up all over. Maybe it’s gone downhill in trying to keep up with its popularity.

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@Snarp then you were lucky to have that then . . . now, it’s like cupcakes from ShopRite smothered with ultra sugary frosting with no artistic presentation what so ever . . . For a sweet fix, Roccos is where we usually go when in the village or Ferrara’s if in Little Italy

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THE MELTING POT!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome fondue place. Girls love dipping things in cheese and chocolate.

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@njnyjobs I’ve heard Veselka isn’t what it used to be either.

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Hangawi is among the best food and the best restaurant experience I’ve ever had. It’s vegetarian Korean food. Every dish was a small work of art. Extremely wonderful and romantic, and you should be able to keep it close to $100.

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It’s New York. If you can’t find something to do then get out of town.

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@evandad for the love of good, cut the guy some slack . . . he’s an art student! I know how it is to be in his shoes….

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