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What is better? the Iphone or the BlackBerry bold 9000?

Asked by niks1112 (410points) February 11th, 2010

I have been deciding on which phone to get. I currently have the iphone, but have never had a blackberry. so i wanted to get some thoughts and reviews as to which i should pick as a new phone.

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Neither. the old fashioned pay phone is best.

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i agree with @plethora! the blackberry may always look new but the software or whatever it is that is has is so old and updated! even the bbm, the texting or browsing the internet reminds me of a computer from the early mid 90’s. the litle apps or icons just like like a simple cartoon like cell phones used to have when they first started coming out in color.

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@davidbetterman thnks for responding, but atleast answear the question. I asked differences between both phones and which is better!

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I had the Blackberry 8800 before getting an iPhone. I prefer the iPhone. Bigger screen, more apps, ability to watch videos and listen to music (and with the right app, ability to download and store videos and music), more space, touchpad. You can download apps to work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

I think of the Blackberry as more of a mobile emailbox with a phone and camera for business people and the iPhone as a microcomputer with a phone and camera attached, except you can’t work with the Adobe suite on it yet, which stinks.

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My friends think I’m some kind of iPhone fanboy, even though I don’t own one, but I recommend the iPhone all the way.

I have used lots of SmartPhones, running almost all of the important SmartPhone operating systems. I’ve never used Nokia’s, but I hear I’m not missing much.

Features are a really important thing too, but I don’t think the value of a fast, usable interface can really be undervauled when you’re talking about a device you primarily manipulate with your thumbs, and the iPhone is leaps and bounds ahead of everything else I’ve used, even the Android-based phones.

Virtually every other phone I’ve used, BlackBerry 9000, Droid, HTC Touch Pro—the interface was clunky at best, slow, and difficult to get used to. I have been able to use an iPhone since the first time I picked one up, and I don’t think one bit that it’s because the iPhone is in anyway less featured than the BlackBerry 9000. On paper, yes, but I’ve never phone the capabilities of the iPhone to be limiting at all.

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It all depends on how you will use your device. Since you already have an Iphone, you are already familiar with its capabilities and limitations. If you are left wanting with your iphone now and know that it is on the Blackberry, then that is what all should matter. Personally, I have been on both sides of the fence. The iphone’s UI just didn’t work with my fingers. Also, I am a heavy user of pushed email, where time is of the essence so the Blackberry was the natural choice.

If you were to choose a Blackberry, I would suggest going with the Blackberry 9700 instead of the 9000. The 9700 has a half-VGA screen resolution, it’s also a 3G device but with the 9700 you can manually fall back to 2/2.5G network (GPRS/EDGE) if need be. The 9700 can play music and videos, take pictures and videos with its 3.2MP auto focus camera and save them on micro SD cards up to 32GBs at a time, which you can switch around if you have more than 1 memory chip..

The BB comes with Docs-To-Go which enables you to open and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. And if you’re a heavy user, you can always tote along extra battery for those times when you need to go on with your mobile device and no charge is available.

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