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Was there ever a time, you were forced to do something you knew was wrong?

Asked by mowens (8372points) February 11th, 2010

I thought about this last night when I was lying in bed. Has there ever been a time in which you were forced to do something that you knew was morally wrong.

Most people would say peer pressure situations I think. I bet very few people have had a gun pointed at their head and told to shoot someone or something.

I got to thinking. I can’t think of a single time I gave in to peer pressure. I mean, if we were doing something wrong it was usually my idea. We never did anything TERRIBLE. I have told people to “fuck off” If I thought something was wrong.

My question: What, if anything, has someone forced you to do that you most regret?

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yep, my ex-wife insisted that I marry her!

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I have never been forced to do anything and would never ever allow that to happen. I have knowingly done a thing or two that could be judged morally wrong by certain segments of society…no regrets though about it either. What is done is done.

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And to deny who you were is to deny who you are.

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No, I’m sorry to say all of the horrid things I’ve done have been of my own volition.

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Yes. My ex-coworker claimed extra hours for us on the job (we were partners travelling to job sites), which was both lying and theft. I would sometimes rewrite our timesheets, but she would criticize me when she didn’t get paid the amount she expected.

I hated that job for that reason.

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The son of a high ranking officer in my department, burglarized a warehouse stocked with blue jeans. the son was caught. the high ranking officer asked me to “talk the owner out of prosecution, if he paid for the damages and replaced the stolen blue jeans”. i knew this was wrong. i knew his son should have been arrested, just like any other criminal. i was stuck in the middle in this situation. i did not want to do this. the question i had at the time was “is this an order by the high ranking officer or is this a request”? since i was a fairly new rookie detective, i followed through with this request. the officers son was not arrested, the damages to the building were paid for and the stolen merchandise was returned to the owner, to this day, i still have a guilty feeling for not standing my ground and refusing to honor this order/request. ever been in this situation? this occured in the 70s.

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When I was only a child my family forced me to hate anybody who wasn’t christian

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@john65pennington It’s unfortunate that you were put into that situation. The bigger issue here is the ,essage that was sent to the boy, and it is repeated across our nation ad infinitum every day. This lack of accountability is a disturbing thing on many levels. It seems to be a prevailing theme, at least here in the west. you see it in the movies, on television and it’s part of a corporate acceptance spilled oveer into society like I mentioned in another thread. Any movie about a criminal shows him talking to his lawyer, who says “Well, you’ll have to do x amount of time” The person invariably says. “Nope, I can’t do that much time.” This seems completely unreasonable to me. If you did something wrong, and the law says “X”, then that’s it. Or should be. Plea bargaining is a pox on our society. Relatives in places of power who can get little Johnny out of trouble for something he has done is another.

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Yes, a colleague was leaving before she was supposed to be, because people were very mean to her. To get her own back she gave me some documents to destroy, I destroyed them. I know I shouldn’t but she was a good friend and I felt for her.

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I was forced to watch Twilight once…

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@J0E forced me to come with him to watch Twilight. I still have nightmares.

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@J0E…. You’ve got my sympathies!

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At the beginning stage where I was just a wee Hessian, my sister made me listen to some whatever junk that was on the radio in order to “expand my mind”. It made me want to listen to metal even more.

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I was forced to do something that I did not want to do and it was completely and utterly wrong.

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My first year to work for a major insurance company a friend, btw helped me get the job, had just bought a house and it needed lots of repairs. It was in the winter time and a pipe burst in the attic. (lots of water in the house, carpet damaged, cabinets damaged, sheetrock was sagging, painting needed, etc).. The company required him to look at the damage, write the estimate. and for me to sign off on the claim as he could not work his own claim. I could not write the estimate, as I had only been with the company a couple of months. We inspected the pipe and there is not one doubt in my mind, the pipe was cut.

To this day, regretted that..but, i was in the middle!

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I have never been forced to do anything…I do regret choices I made as a younger adult that hurt my parents…its funny now that they seem to forget and think I was a good kid…why does it take so long to see what GREAT parents you have and appreciate them…its a good thing they are still around for me to let them know…

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Nope. I am the older of two sisters, and I was the one who came up with the ideas, not her.

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On one occaision, in my military service, I was given what I considered an unlawful order. I carried out the order. People died. I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.

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Hmm…tough question. No, I never caved in to peer pressure either. If anything, I always went my own way regardless of trends. I know once I teased a boy in my neighbourhood as “four eyes” and the next minute I felt bad and thought “what if I have to wear glasses someday?”. Sure enough, that day came a few weeks later.

Other than that, I’ve done lots of wrong things, but always thinking they were the right thing to do at the time, or for some other, “greater good” reason. I never consciously did something wrong in the way you mean it. In fact, I once did the “right thing” even though the consequences were devastating. I sometimes think that perhaps I should have followed logic and not morality in that situation, but then again I would have regretted it later.

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While working at Kentucky Fried Chicken, one of the three pressure cookers stopped working, and I was told by the boss to use the back-up, which was rarely used.
I opened it up, and found mold growing on the rancid oil. I showed my boss, and told her I wouldn’t be able to use that one. She told me to do it. I refused. She told me she would fire me if I didn’t, and I caved.
45 minutes later, she came back and told me she changed her mind, and told me not to use that cooker. I told her I had already cooked 4 chickens. She got mad, and told me it was my fault if people got sick.
As it turned out, a friend of my Mom’s did get sick from it. She was in her 70’s, and was ill for several days.
I wish I had a backbone that day.

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@filmfann Wow. That’s a horrible, horrible situation.

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