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What do you find orgasmic?

Asked by smokeweedeveryday (579points) February 11th, 2010

Please me!

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kick ass pizza

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Cum,cum you can do better than that.

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Homemade chocolate covered carmel candy

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mcbealer..Hells yeah!!

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Orgasmic facial expressions. Chocolate. Anything that incurs a dopamine rush (definition of orgasmic system).

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But how do you know your getting one?

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snuggling into clean sheets… is that weird?

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Its kinda random.

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Kelly’s Mint Choc Chip Icecream

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this specially 4:09 to 5:48

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If you’d been here sooner, you’d have known. :D

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To feel a connection to the one you love is that way :)

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Crab cakes.

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Aside from the obvious orgasm…for me nothing beats hitting a killer riff on the guitar…the kind of all in…hitting that right note…in the heat of a passionate run…exactly like a good orgasm!

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Good music
Which is everything I listen to
But seriously, I fucking love Det Som En Gang Var by Burzum. Varg’s raw and primal vocals, blends well with the thunderous drums, the fierce guitar and the atmospheric synths. It is one of the few brilliant black metal compositions the second wave of BM has to offer.

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dedicated to the OP

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Sex (duh).

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I never thought I’d find something better than sex, but the cherry berry pie at Flying Star Cafe in Albuquerque is better than sex.

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@kevbo depends on your sex skills/partner’s skills.

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Well, sometimes when I eat a really good burrito I jizz in my pants.


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@DominicX but the tacos do nothing for you, if i recall.

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@DominicX LOLLLL you’re a mess. ’-)

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Sitting in a hot tub after a long day of playing in the snow. (a little of what @uberbatman has helps too)

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The orgasmatron

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Chocolate Eclairs. Having my back rubbed.

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Watching Volucanos erupt.

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Definitely pizza and beers after backpacking or a long bike ride. Also, taking off my shoes and socks after a long day on my feet, feels pretty incredible.

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in the music sense =)

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n’ in particular, right now KOЯN =)
ach man…! so much feeling, it’s like it goes into you and beats you into some completely awesome plane of existence, i love it =)

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hahah i dont think i should of asked this

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Speaking of metal, Cradle of Filth!

Hell half their songs are about having an orgasm anyway…

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