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One good sentence describing the elephant and what it does?

Asked by princessa (113points) February 11th, 2010

Please dont use the words are or is.

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It likes to rub itself up against trees…..

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An elephant, otherwise known as the pachyderm,apparently never forgets.

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The Asian elephant has ears much smaller than the African elephant and has been domesticated to be a working animal in South and Southeast Asian countries for centuries now. . . .

Is this for a Homework?

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Elephants eat a lot!

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~sniff~ You smell that? It smells like homework.

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The elephant occupies that space in the center of the room that makes it impossible to further ignore that problem that messed up your day!

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A long nosed, water spouting, large gray thing with huge ears.

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Not really answering the question, but: The Big Elephant in the Room.

Good book.

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Not going to answer unless you explain purpose of question.
However, I will point you to the famous story of the blind men and the elephant:

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They never forget

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Giant herbivore,
wallowing deep in the mud,
with ivory tusks.

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Dancing baby elephants remind me of my son.

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A three ton herbivorous quadruped with a long prehensile nose lives across much of Africa and South Asia and has evolved an enormous brain giving it the capacity for complex thought and emotion, including self awareness, grief, and tool use, on a par with whales and primates.

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Homework assignments frequently seem to carry a weight of pachydermic proportions when I refuse to use the effort required to consider my own thoughts in the service of personal development, but instead look outward to be rescued by a stampede of opinions.

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@ucme Elephants never forget, and they never forgive

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Talks to other Elephants below our hearing level. Elephants can also detect vibrations with their feet.

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@grumpyfish I actually remember reading some stories of elephants attacking villages, apparently as an act of revenge for the killing of other elephants in the herd, but the jury is out on whether they are seeking revenge or becoming violent due to some kind of post traumatic stress or the loss of a stable older male elephant. When I try to Google it now all I get is some mumbo jumbo about elephants attacking a village somewhere as God’s retribution for something or other.

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Makes more elephants.

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You know, some of you have abandoned writing sentences in order to keep from using are or is. You still need a subject and a verb. That is if your interested in playing whatever game this is.

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@Snarp Um, I don’t think this was a game. Probably urgent homework assistance, which is why my entry was a haiku.

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@shilolo Nice touch, I didn’t notice that, but I refer to some entries that appear to be trying to follow the no is and are rule by not writing complete sentences. Seems they are playing along, but missing a key point.

Maybe I’m wrong, but this is the first of the so called homework questions that doesn’t seem like homework to me. It would be an awfully odd assignment. But if it is, don’t use mine, teachers aren’t dumb and they’ll know it’s not your language.

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best animal ever!!!!

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How can you tell if there’s an elephant in your bedroom with you when the lights are out?

By the smell of the peanuts on his breath.

Now, don’t think about elephants for thirty seconds. You know, the big gray thing with the trunk, and big ears…force yourself not to picture one in your mind…especially not a huge gray one with big ears and those white tusks. Don’t picture it in your mind.

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@Dilettante AAAAaaaaHhh, NOOOOoo! I can’t. Get it. Out of. My. MIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiinnnnnnndddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I saw a bird fly in the sky,
He dropped something in my eye.
Now I’m glad that elephants can’t fly.

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Fifty bucks to person with the correct answer…don’t cheat.

What is grey, has long ears, and a trunk?

A mouse on vacation.

I know what you were thinking…shame on you. You were thinking about elephants again, weren’t you?

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Did you know?

The elephant is the only four-legged creature whose rear legs, knees, bend the same way as his front legs, like human legs? Picture a cat or a dog or a lion or a goat or a horse or a…whatever…picture their rear legs…the part below the “knee” bends upward, enabling them to spring, run faster, etc. See? Conclusion: Elephants are lousy at basketball.

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@Snarp Most likely an english assignment designed to encourage use of alternate verbs. Many a writer can be crippled without the crutches of simple verbs.

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Did you know?

Elephants can tip-toe!

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Pure pachyderm.. Big gray mass, little tale hangs from your ass.
Trumpeting, frolicking, never forget. Always alert playing in the dirt.
Grow proud, grow old. Tusks worth their weight in gold.
Africa, India the Savanna’s you connoiter. Continuously searching for food and for water.

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the elephant is a pachyderm that is so damn big, he does whatever in the hell he wants

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