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Windows Live Messenger (or MSN) isn't working properly. How should I fix it?

Asked by mangeons (12198points) February 11th, 2010

Okay, so I use Windows Live Messenger (or MSN, whatever you want to call it) to talk to some friends online. But for some reason, it keeps giving me this older, not very good version to use. I used to have the good, newer version, but it randomly switched to this older version, and now I can’t get rid of it. It’s not very user-friendly, it’s slow, and it’s difficult to use. How can I get the newer version back?

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I would never use the traditional client. I’ve used pidgin for many years:
and have recently switched to digsby:
Because it does everything in one, including social networks etc. Maybe we could get a fluther app for it too ;)

Until you get a more relevant answer :)

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In the grand scheme of things I HATE MSN’s IMing program. Go to yahoo. It’s SO much better. There’s never a problem with it. I’ve shut my MSN off & never plan to go back.

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I love it when I have the newer, easy to use version, but the older one is a pain to use.

The only reason I started using it is because the friends I talk to on there only have MSN and they don’t have any other IMing program. I also use aim and yahoo, all to talk to different people.

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@mangeons you realize the above programs connect to ANY IM protocol, including other chat protocols such as IRC and so forth ;)

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@phoebusg I’m trying Digsby, it seems okay so far. And I can always uninstall it if I don’t like it/it’s not good. Thanks!

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@mangeons no problem, give me some mad lurve :P

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Okay, well I didn’t really like the way Digsby worked, so I uninstalled it. I guess I’m gonna stick with the old version of msn and hope that it decides to switch me back.

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@mangeons try pidgin, miriam etc etc. You’ll find your thing. If not, ah well suppose you could just get the new MS msgr :P

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Okay, I know what the problem is. I’ve been using Windows Messenger, not Windows Live Messenger. But that leads to a whole different problem. I can’t find the program anywhere on my computer, but when I go to reinstall it, it says it’s already installed!

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