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Who makes a powerful pirate style collapsing monacle?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10293points) February 11th, 2010

There are lots of good uses for these besides spotting the british navy on the horizon. One use I have in mind is spotting police with radar guns far in the distance! The possibilities are endless.

What uses can you come up with for one? Who makes a really good one, even if it costs an arm and a leg.

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I bought one at an antique store in Kitty Hawk,N.Carolina.I have actually stood on the bow of my boat and used it.They are very cool:) Try stores in nautical areas or online.

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Telescope, not monocle. (And “monocle”, not “monacle”.) A monocle is worn on the bridge of the nose, like a half-pair of eyeglasses. Until I read @lucillelucillelucille‘s response, I had no earthly idea what your Q was about.

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It’s not folding, but this fits the bill for cheap:

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Also called a spyglass.

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@CyanoticWasp A real monocle is held in place by the eye ridge. Custom fitted ones are the best.

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@mrentropy of course. Thank you for the correction. I thought it was silly even as I was writing it, but I didn’t want to research something I’ve only ever seen in grade-B movies (and Hogan’s Heroes).

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I’m always happy to help.

Gentleman’s Emporium carries opera glasses, monocles, and brass telescopes.

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