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What rules/policies will you change and discard?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) February 11th, 2010

If you have your chance to make/change 3 policies/rules and discard 3 unsatisfied policies/rules in your country what policies/rules will it be? (remember if you make new one it must be a new policy/rule that never exist before). What’s your reason to change or make that rules/policies?. What’s your reason to discard that unsatisfied rules/policies?. Do you think it would be helpful for other people?. If in reality you do this,do you think your government will accept it?.

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I would repeal don’t ask don’t tell because it’s bigotry; and the ban on marijuana because it’s safer than other legal drugs; and end lobbyist access.
I would create a law that forces actual human care and slaughter of farm animals (not just relative humane treatment); a law that forces new construction to meet environmental requirements (even if minimal); and a law preventing PACs from donating to campaigns.

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I would ban all drugs without prescription. That’s right, you need to have someone regulate your dose for everything. (This ought to spark discussion ;)

I would enforce environmental and social considerations for every business, company, or individual operating.

I would generalize the above laws to include anyone in society. Reducing future costs (as well as temporarily current ‘profits’)

@JeanPaulSartre can I check your sources about how marijuana is safe? Safer than what specifically?

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I would retract the Patriot Act (most of its provisions anyway).

I would enact a law mandating basic health care coverage for everyone.

I would enact support for scientific research.

I would regulate pharmaceutical companies.

I would cap interest and fees on credit cards and bank accounts.

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-Women domination
-New religion(or culture) ratification
-Suicide punishment in law.

-Men domination culture
-Dictatorism religion law
-National court of justice.

All for the name of “justice”. Although government may never agree with this.

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I would enable certificated mass adoption
I would not allow communism law
I would raise interests of National Banks
I would legalize the law of animal rights.
I would erase deforestation law.

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@SophiscatedLady How would you enact a suicide punishment?

And why would you end one gender domination with the domination of another? Shouldn’t equality be the goal?

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@phoebusg safer than alcohol and tobacco. It’s less addictive (non-addictive) than niccotine and less disabling than alcohol. Here’s a fairly even-footed article with a look at it versus smoking – I could find more “pro-marijuana” articles, but this one seemed pretty fair – stating the limitations of my assertion as well.

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I would allow gay marriage all across the nation, though I still would not require any churches to perform them. I would also allow gay couples to adopt.

I would not make possession of marijuana illegal and people who were already jailed for it (assuming it is their only charge) would be released.

I would get rid of the death penalty entirely. Either that or limit to only first-degree murder cases with hard DNA evidence.

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Hmmm I would enact a law that does not allow for green cars to drive on the road, then add a tax for the blue cars, permit required for red cars, black, brown and grey would be reserved for goverment use, white cars are ok unless they are dirty, then you are breaking the law.

Oh yeah and I would repeal the TSA and 99% of the post 9/11 reactionary law bullshit we did.

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@JeanPaulSartre even the article you pointed rings bells to – we don’t have a clue how many more dangers there are when smoking cannabis. I urge you to do a literature search on that one. I’ve done mine, but It’s better if you do it yourself :)

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@jeffgoldsprivatefacillities Some ancient tribe did this long time ago. I think it’s better than ‘death penalty’ since it’s done without other people’s intervention and painless. Let all prisoners decide how to end their own life(at first,allow them to choose ‘death penalty’ with forcible pain or ‘suicide punishment’ with least pain and more freedom). Although I suggest poisonous pills. It won’t be really that difficult to enact this rule(some community/religion-community even encourage this).

first of all,there’s no discrimination in my context. I think we(women in my country) haven’t reached that state where women and men are definitely equal as human(consider some countries with culture or religion where women must be lowered than men). I think we should allow women to lead and participate for every role for each country.

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I would take away all benefits from marriage. I would switch the fee-for-service system to capped salaries for physicians. I would do whatever necessary (maybe multiple things) to remove big pharma’s reach.

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1. Legalize prostitution. We have no right telling a woman what she can or can’t do with her body. Nor the right to punish to poor blokes who have to use them (and I know they are not the only ones to use them).

2. Legalize all drugs. Prohibition just creates criminals and criminal activity. Use all the billions we would save to fund programmes to help people with addiction.

3. Repeal the articles of incorporation.

New laws:

1. A real law to show exactly where all our government $$ goes and penalties for hiding things.

2. A law to make it illegal for the government to take over payments to our Employment Insurance funds and plunk them into general revenue. The requirement would be to send them back tot he people who made the over payments i.e. us.

3. A complete ban on lobbying any branch of government.

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