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Franklin Delano Roosevelt achievements/accomplishments?

Asked by tokijitza (56points) February 11th, 2010

Franklin Delano Roosevelt achievements/accomplishments?
I need 3 good ones. I have 2
1. New Deal
2. confidence during the Great Depression
I need one more:) thanks
what are some obstacles he overcame?
What are some of his character traits??
such as honesty, bravery and EVIDENCE

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Woops, nevermind.

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Here is a site that lists his accomplishments. Read down about a page.

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The New Deal wasn’t all that great. What actually ended the Depression was all that war spending.

I haven’t really studied the man, so I can’t say much about his character, but I will say this: he WAS rather well-liked, though, to the point that the press, vicious sharks that they didn’t focus on the fact that he was stuck in a wheelchair and as requested, never photographed him in one.
It takes some serious bonhomies to get journalists to be that nice.

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FDR seems to be one of the easiest people to find info about. There are dozens of online sites to use as resources.

Is this homework?

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It’s a hobby of mine:) researching Presidents:D

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Obstacles he overcame? How about polio? Of course, it was a different time and many Americans were unaware of his disability, but that in itself became something to overcome…

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If this is a hobby of yours, we shouldn’t deny you the pleasure of finding your own information…

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@PandoraBoxx And what better place than here?

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don’t worry! you especially didn’t deny my pleasure b/c you have don’t anything;)

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Try the Tennessee Valley Authority. I’ll let you do the research, though. :)

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yeah but the New Deal includes all of these deals from SSI to the TVA
then it’s his confidence
and then i am blank

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No more blatant homework questions! Try to make it look like a real interest in the topic.

Like this:
I think Roosevelt’s old age security program has had the greatest impact on our system today. Do you agree with me or do you think another contribution has proven more important?

See that doesn’t automatically bring to mind “Due Tuesday”

And Dude, greatest challenge? Why don’t you ever see him walking in pictures?

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Eleanor was one of the homeliest first ladies in modern memory; and He spawned with her numerous times. Now That’s an accomplishment. :P

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i agree with you and I have found a third achievement
thank you very much
I know he can’t walk. He has polio. I have written that but I was hoping to find something else.

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If we can find dozens of other things, so can you. He was elected president for three terms (last time that was legal) and managed to keep pretty busy.

Remember to use the past tense of verbs; He wasn’t able to walk. He had polio.

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Thank you:) Now I will remember I will have to use past tense verbs :)

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