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What was it like to feel connected?

Asked by wundayatta (58596points) February 11th, 2010

I imagine the connections between people as little lines of web that run between us. We have more connections with those near us than those far away. When something happens to one person, it ripples through and others, depending on how sensitive they are, pick up something.

Have you ever had a sense like this? When was it strongest? What were the circumstances? How did it feel?

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Several years ago, we had 10 people and 4 generations living in our house. It was chaotic. We had a kitchen schedule, a bathroom schedule, a washer schedule, and a basket of keys to change out the cars in the drive way. We went through a birth, emergency room visits, layoffs, personality conflicts, and job changes. Although there was a lot of friction and stress, I was inspired by all the love that made the whole thing work. I loved every minute of it!

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When I was a child I’ve lost in the middle of massive mall with no money when I was shopping with my parent. I’m scare that no one will ever find me and what will happen to me. So I wonder around that mall try to find them. But I can’t find them. After awhile I heard some a woman operator voice in line saying that my parent was looking for me and instructed someone who find me(or myself) to that specific lost-child-area. I almost cry but thank goodness a nice man just came in right time and he carry me over and deliver me to that place. Of course I feel so happy. And my parent reward him with money as their gratitude after that incident. That was my first time I get lost,though.

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What was it like to feel connected?

It is still awesome. I’m sorry to hear you feel that you have lost your connection.

Modern technology has helped to disconnect us from this form of humanity, although most tend to think that modern technology has connected us as never before.

We have more connections with those near us than those far away.”

Actually, you are just as connected to those on the other side of the world as you are to your brother sitting next to you on the sofa!

We are all of us connected to every other object in the universe!

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The closest connection I have ever felt is with my wife. When we hold each other, I will often lock gazes with her and sometimes it’s almost as if we can gaze into each others’ souls. It’s so intense that sometimes it makes us both cry. It’s as if there are no barriers, just pure, open honesty.

Is that what you mean?

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I do have a connection with somebody.It defies logic and I can hardly speak of it :(

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I have a connection with my daughters, but I don’t with my spouse because he chooses himself first.

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You can read about them, dream about them, write about them and sing songs about them and write all kinds of poetry…all along thinking these connections are what life is all about…until you meet that one person who brings forth all that and then some of what puts all those preconceived ideas about connections to shame! Talk about getting Tazered!

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@Cruiser… I feel the same way,
@lucillelucillelucille…..Again I agree completely. Even if you could find the words to explain, how many would believe you? hahahha sad but true.
@CaptainHarley… are your wife are very special people.

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I remember very clearly waking up one day in my thirties with a feeling of willingness to be connected. (It was Valentine’s Day, as it happened, but this was not about romance. It was more like Indra’s net.) Until then I had held myself apart and allowed myself to connect to only a select few. On that day I began to acknowledge my bond with the rest of humanity.

Nothing in particular preceded that moment, but it did occur several years after I had begun Zen practice, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

At the present stage of the growth of my understanding, I tend to see all of us, everything, as a process rather than an entity, simply being observed or experienced at a particular moment, like a snapshot. Viewed in that light, we are all connected in the most fundamental way, being the products of an infinite recycling operation. And I’m not talking about past lives here, but reincarnation in a very literal sense, meaning that living things die and decompose and become part of new life as it springs from the earth and nourishes other beings in their turn.

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@JessicaisinLove I would only hope everyone else could feel the way I do!!

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Yes, with my first serious boyfriend. I felt a sudden pang and said I needed to get to the hospital because he had had an accident, people were looking at me like I was crazy. But he did infact have a car accident at that very time.

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Not really. We’re just very blessed people, and both know a good thing when we see it! : D

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You are not far from wisdom, grasshopper! Seriously! To find the well-spring that connects all that lives is truly a life-altering experience.

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Feeling connected feels exciting – it feels as if it shouldn’t be but it is. There are only 2 people I can really connect with on multiple levels but there are many people with which I’ve had singular connections that I took for what they were and therefore was able to move on when they were over.

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@CaptainHarley “the well spring that connects all that lives” How did you find so few words that say so much? Perfect

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I’m not sure when it started, but after a while of acting, I started noticing how different audiences on different nights had, as a collective, a different mass of energy. It’s palpably different.

I’m not sure how I can explain it, but I can extend my awareness to feel the energy of the audience. So the performance is really a live interaction – you begin to pick up cues from the audience. And when the audience is with you, wow, the energy is really exponential. It’s very evident in comedy, but exists more subtly in different theatrical forms.

With my fellow performers too, there is a flow of give and take.


Aside from theatre, which is a heightened energetic state, I also experience it when I am doing hands-on healing. There’s really a lot going on when I’m doing hands on healing, but I would say that it’s very similar to the time after my grandmother, and she couldn’t talk. And I just felt like I could sit and hold her hand for a long long time. Before her stroke, we would relate on the level of conversation and opinion, etc; but after her stroke, it was something else. Just the sensation of “being with” someone.


@Jeruba – I know what you mean by Indra’s Net. I once had that too when I was 18. A lot of things fell into place from that experience.

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