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How can I get the puck to go off the ice during a slapshot?

Asked by Hydrogenbond (365points) February 11th, 2010

My slapper is pretty hard but it never seems to leave the ice (except very few times). Do you have any tips for getting it to leave the ice’s surface to a considerable degree, like top corner or middle?

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I could never figure it out. Heck, I could barely lift my wrist shot off the ice. My backhand was quite a show though. Snipe city anyone?

Wish I could help you. I don’t play hockey any more though, but I’m sure your coaches could help you in practice. It’s pretty essential, especially if you’re defense. Gotta have those elevated shots from the point.

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Try flicking your wrist upwards as you shoot.

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Don’t try to hit the puck… try to hit “under” the puck – your stick will hit well behind on the ice and drag forward… follow through as if the puck isn’t there, and bring your stick up sort of “pointing” where you want it to end up. Hit fast and follow through. Practice the heck out of it! Good luck!

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Here you go check this site out it should help you.

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