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How do I cancel Skype and get it off my computer?

Asked by mollykm (121points) February 11th, 2010
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Start menu
control panel
add or remove
scroll doen to skype

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Sorry, I should have given more information, I have a Mac. Anything I’ve found online about deleting Skype is usually in reference to a PC.

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Have you tried this solution?

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Just drag it into your trash and empty trash. I imagine that it should work.

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Thank you, Pandoraboxx! That worked!

And psuedonym, Skype won’t let you drag it to the trash. I tried.

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It also adds a plist file in your user folder.

And here too.
/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash\ Player/\#SharedObjects/NLS8L4U9/

That looks bad but it should be pretty obvious to find.

edit :: That should not be a link. Don’t click it. It is just the path to a file on a local machine.

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@mollykm: Just out of curiosity, did you like the program when you used it, or did it give you problems on your Mac?

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