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Would it be possible to make these slippers I just got the idea for?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) February 11th, 2010

OK so. There’s this carpet store in my town that always has a huge cart full of carpet scraps from the sample books they always have on display. Every so often we go in there and get a few pieces to use like rugs when we want a change. So I have this one really nice piece of carpet. I love how it feels. I was think yesterday, could I make take that piece of carpet and draw the outline of my shoes on the back of the carpet and cut that shape out with a box knife, then attach some fabric to the top to make it into slippers? I know I would have to put something (like duct tape?) over the cut edge of the carpet so that it wouldn’t be as sharp and rough.

Does anybody know how to go about doing this? Any tips?

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The product made from the method you describe will only last a few months at best.

If this piece of carpet is as nice as you say, and if you think it is beautiful, I might suggest reveresing the “fabric order.” In other words, find something else for the soles and other underparts, and use the carpet as the part that encases your foot. So, it would like something like this.

What you describe would appear rather like this example, unless of course you put the rug on the inside side of the slipper.

Yes I know, the above is a lot or rambeling, and all of it says this: your “blueprints” for these slippers are a bit vague. Can you describe them a little more (e.g. which side does the rug go on)? I need to a precise picture before I can about giving you any info on constriction.

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@Spinel Oh sorry! I kind of missed that. Yeah the nice, soft, carpet part would go on the inside so that I could feel like my whole house would be carpeted in the stuff.

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Find a commercial pattern for making sheepskin slippers and adjust for your use.

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A variety of slipper patterns will work.

I don’t think duct tape will be necessary. Ya’ should just be able to sew the edges of your top fabric slightly over the edges or your soles (and the rest of the underfoot parts). If, however, you find that doesn’t work, try sewing with leather strands or strong twine. But – if you’re not concerned about looks – duct tape might work.

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Many craft stores like Michaels sell leather soles for sewing to the bottom of slippers for traction. Who knows, you might develop the next big thing!

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@Spinel I was thinking I would used colored duck tape. They make it, you know!

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