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Have you ever been afraid to live your life?

Asked by Spinel (3220points) February 11th, 2010

Have you ever been afraid to die?*

Have you ever come to a point in your life where you are afraid to go on? Have you ever stared all of your life in the face (the past, the present and the future) and found yourself terrified? How did you get to that point? How did you get past that particular point? What keeps you going now?

*This part was half added for drama. Childish I know, but still fun.

*I am obligated to give credit where credit is due. I stole was inspired to post this question by this one from the experienceproject website.

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Honestly yes, sometimes, not much that the moments are there, that I feel like locking myself inside of my home and not really messing with any of that irritating outside stuff. I don’t of course, but the thoughts to come to my mind where I find messing with life a rather unpleasant thing to deal with even though I consider myself an excessively positive person at most instances.

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No, my concern was always in the other direction. I don’t want to let fear or uncertainty STOP me from living my life. It would be such a tragic waste to get to the end of the road and, looking back, realize I hadn’t gone nearly as far as I could have had only I gotten busy going along life’s way.

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No, not afraid to go on but tossing my hands in the air and saying “well, what now? I have no direction.”

At those times, until I find a direction, I do the day to day thing.

I am not afraid to die… I am afraid of how I might die. Being in the medical field has given me a hearty fear of death by protracted illness.

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I know that it can be too short and have a few big decisions to make so I can live it the way I want to for the time i have left.As Arisztid said,fear about how I might die is recent concern ‘o mine,but generally I am not easily “terrified” ;)

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I repeat this to myself constantly. I say it everyday, for many different circumstances.

We get this life once and who knows what is beyond. Why should we live it in fear, only looking out for our skins? I’m not saying, one should be reckless, but one should always push on and pass these fears and not let them slow you.

Many times overcoming fear itself is more difficult then facing the thing you fear.

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Nope…I only have been afraid of dying, especially in a less than dignified manner!

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I have had many times I was afraid for my life, and times I was afraid not to live my life. I don’t look back though. I see my future as a million different paths and adventures and look for the best possible paths based on the trajectory I am on.

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A few weeks before my high school graduation.
I realized that it was finally time to cowgirl up and actually focus on life.
I sat down and I wrote my entire life story in a notebook. I buried it in a box in the backyard and promised myself that I wouldn’t dwell on the past and that I would start focusing on the present, in order to get myself to where I want to be in the future. It scared me that it was finally time to begin my life as an adult, not a child.
It still scares me a bit, but that’s what’s awesome about life. It’s like a big scary roller coaster.
What keeps me going is knowing that one day, I’ll be in charge of my life, not my parents.

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Does being zombiefied count? When I lost my first husband, I had a young baby to care for, so I needed to stay alive, but it was a very limited kind of life.

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I think it’s the human condition. We drink, smoke, drug, medicate and keep busy all with the intent of making the prospect of living more palatable. What we really want is to stop the world and get off for a while. Dying doesn’t seem to be the issue as much as living completely awake in the present.

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Yes, I can think of two instances when that happened. The first was around freshman year when I had first fully accepted that I was gay. All of a sudden I became very afraid to go on. I thought things about how I should pretend to be straight and live a lie for the rest of my life. Part of me wanted to quit while I was ahead. The idea of being gay later in life terrified me and I did not want it. It meant that I was never going to be normal and that I was never going to be like everyone else. I am glad I stopped thinking like that because my attitude toward that has changed completely. A complete reversal. Now, I want to live my life as a gay man and despite the threat of discrimination/hatred, it doesn’t terrify me. Having a boyfriend has made it even better.

The other time was last September when college started and I was struck with that extreme homesickness. It was the same feeling. I was at college, my life was never going to be the same. I no longer lived with my parents, I wasn’t a kid anymore, I would have to find a career, everything was different and it happened all at once. That was extremely overwhelming for me and I was terrified for a while. Luckily, after the homesickness began to pass and I realized that I don’t have to know exactly what I’m doing yet (and knowing that everyone my age and all my friends are in the same boat), I stopped feeling that way and now, it’s something to look forward to.

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All the ******* time!

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Not terrified, but certainly uneasy. It was the end of my senior year of college. I saw graduation as a transition: after sixteen years of school, I would cease to be a student and be required to find work. I was not happy about it.
This episode underscores my more general fear of failure, a fear that has made life a bit less enjoyable, since it casts shadows on my confidence in my abilities. This fear, coupled with the warm, thick blanket of apathy, regularly suffocates my ambition.

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my answer may sound mundane, but I have had a rough four years. Well a tough life all in all. At times I think, what is the point of actually going on. And at those times when I am bombarded with issues, I don’t want to go on. I would never kill myself but I just want to opt out somehow. So yeah I do and for good reasons (I mean get terrified). I suppose I just live it each day unto itself and survive as best I can.

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