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Winter blahs, I don't normally have them, but, this year, I find it hard to get my ass moving (to do just about anything). If you have them, how do you cope?

Asked by Jude (32112points) February 11th, 2010

I would much rather curl up on my sofa with a blanket, then work-out, or get out and enjoy the fresh air.

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ive been feeling exactly the same way. I just can’t motivated to do anything. maybe it’s el nino?

ill be following this thread, too.

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That’s exactly what you need to do though!Work out!At the very least go for a walk.It will perk you up :)

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Sometimes I just have to tell myself to get off the couch and get outside – not easy and most times it doesn’t work, but if I start telling myself of all the things that are outside and how much fun I have had before doing them, sometimes it gets me going.
Most often than not though, I will get moving but still be longing to just go back to the couch, and only later on come to the realization that I did have a good time and it was a good thing to get up and go.

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To be honest going outside and getting exercise is a good way to fire up your system for tasks. You will feel more like doing stuff after you get moving.

On the alternate end, you could try writing a book.

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It depends – sometimes, I force myself to take a walk and that makes me feel better. Sometimes, I just succumb and curl up with a book or Fluther.

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Tanning bed

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Shoveling the snow in the sunshine seems to help me.
I know that slow winter blahs feel. I am just starting to feel my energy returning this week.
And I can’t explain why.

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Could you be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder? Hi-lux lamps can help with that.

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@jmah You also have been sick recently so it’s possible that your “blahs” are still you not being back to normal.

I feel I have a tendency to SAD and again, I find a walk on a sunny day, even if it’s cold out, is really a help.

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I pretend I’m my own mommy (she’s not around anymore anyway). When I have a big job that needs done, I tell myself my mommy won’t let me play until I have my chores done. If a friend calls, I tell them the same thing. They know me well enough to laugh and say, “Get to it then!”

It’s a silly way to get off my can and I actually get stuff done.

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I think we’re wired to semi-hibernate, and I welcome it. I get a lot of reading done, and also a lot of socializing, because I still have enough energy to cook. When the days get longer I have to be outdoors all the time and can’t stand to read. It all balances out.

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I hibernate from December to March.

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@janbb I think that you’re right. I’m bummed that my energy level isn’t what it was prior to being sick. And, being cooped up in a house for month (not being able to do anything, really) caused me to slide into a bit of depression.

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I’m not gonna lie, one of the reasons I am so in love with California is that the winter blahs don’t hit nearly as hard. If you can get away somewhere sunny and warm, I highly recommend it.

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Vacation to the tropics; I told you already :).

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Florida works just dandy for me. I never woulda believed I’d be a Florida lover, but it sure is great to escape to it in the depths of February.

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@JLeslie March break? Perhaps, we’ll go to Florida.

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@jmah California is way cooler than Florida. Not cool as in cold. Oh, you know what I mean.

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@tinyfaery would you put me up? (place to stay)

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(I’m only kidding).

Although, Disney would be fun.

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I’d have to clear it with my wife, but we do have an extra room.

I can show you Disneyland like no other, girl.

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You know, maybe this summer would be better? But, I wouldn’t mind getting together, if you were up for it. Nikki and I would get a hotel. That’s cool. =)

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