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What's a new Murakami novel to read?

Asked by andrew (16358points) February 11th, 2010 from iPhone

I just finished After Dark which was much better after I restarted it. I love Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, so what’s next? Kafka on the Sea?

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I would recommend Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World. Haven’t yet read Kafka on the Shore—that’s up next. Do you like Jeffrey Ford?

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“Kafka on the Shore” is great, but it’s surprisingly similar to “Wind-Up Bird.”

I second @Jeruba that you should read “Hardboiled Wonderland.” That’s my favorite Murakami so far, and I think I’ve read all of his novels. “Norwegian Wood” is great, but very subtle. “A Wild Sheep Chase” and “Dance Dance Dance” are great too. But seriously, “Hardboiled Wonderland” is awesome. Enjoy and tell us what you thought.

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I’m going to agree as to Hardboiled Wonderland. I thought Kafka seemed to be a sort of synthesis, style- and theme-wise, of The Windup Bird Chronicle and Hardboiled Wonderland, so I would leave it for after you’ve read the other two. I also enjoyed South of the Border, West of the Sun for a shorter read. And his short stories are great as well.

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Yes, Hard Boiled is my favourite.
I also like Norwegian Wood; though arguably it’s the least surreal of them all. I think the opening of Wind-up Bird is the best opening for a novel I’ve ever read. How does Murakami take something so simple, and use such simple language to such great effect?

I find the later Murakami books not as good as his earlier ones. I actually got a bit bored by Kafka and I hear the that the massive IQ84 trilogy has a strong beginning, but it dribbles out by book 2. (English speakers, you’ll have to find out when the translation becomes available..)

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