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So its snowing in Texas, and I'm stuck at my house what do I do?

Asked by Ailia (1363points) February 11th, 2010

So its snowed a lot over here and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. It snowed almost to 9 inches over here and its still going. For people who live in the North this is probably nothing, but in Texas this is huge.
Anyways, I have a day off tomorrow and I’m not sure what I should do. Theres a strong possibilty that I won’t leave my house the whole day, so I need some suggestions on how to stay busy. I am going to work on some of my long-term school projects, but I doubt I will be doing that the whole time, so what do you all think?

P.S.I normally would just read a good book on these days, but I don’t have anything at the moment that I haven’t read already.

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Bundle up and go out for some fresh air. Sit inside with a hot cup of joe and look out the window, watch the snowflakes fall. Stop off at your local video store and rent a couple of movies, grab a blanket and plop down your sofa. Bake or cook up a scrumptious meal.

A Siesta. A nice, long nap (check out my niece in my avatar. She’s got the right idea).

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Get up close to your normal time so you don’t waste the day. Do a few hours of school work, clean out your closet and bag up the stuff that’s in there that you won’t wear to take to a consignment shop or the Goodwill, then get outside for a bit and build a snowman, or just mess around in the snow!

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@jmah @PandoraBoxx Thanks for the suggestions, but what else would you recommend here? I want some out of the box answers as well. Something crazy and wild that you could only do in the winter. Playing in the snow is a given, but what else?
And if it could be something that doesn’t require me to get my hands in the snow, that would be splendid. :)

@jmah I love your avatar. Your niece looks so peaceful in that picture. :)

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Get up and primp like your going out then make a nice breakfast. Work on your project a little and take a break and clean a closet and then go back to your project, make a snack and go play in the snow and take a break and have some soup and take a nap, then get up and do another project.

just break up the day but remember…

visit us at fluther this is required! lol

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Wake up late, shovel the walk, come back in and treat yourself to a big mug of hot cocoa (extra marshmellows), cuddle up by the fire, read the newspaper, go on Fluther, build a snowman, have a snowball fight, build an igloo, take a nice hot shower, then go back to sleep.

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There is always shoveling the sidewalk and driveway. That scores big with Mom and Dad. Enjoy your snow holiday.

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Go have some fun and enjoy the snow! Make a Snowman (or Snow Being for the politically correct peoples) and dress it up really fun and have your picture taken with it like you are drinkin’ buddies and send it out as your 2010 holiday cards.

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Snow angels and bar-b-que!!! Shaaa!!

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Get outside in it!!! :))

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I guess its going to be a toss up between homework and playing outside. Doesn’t sound too bad. ;) Looks like my Friday is going to fun and productive! Didn’t expect that. :) Thanks guys, I appreciate all the suggestions. Hopefully it will still be snowing tomorrow. 14 inches anyone?

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Do that fun, snow-related stuff that you can’t do because there isn’t normally much snow in Texas. I would suggest sledding, except that Texas is kinda flat.. Have kids? They might enjoy the snow more. Build snow structures. And be sure that you wear sunglasses, if it’s sunny out; snow glare can be a real pain.
Check your supplies, rent some movies, play some games. I do not suggest that you try to go anywhere unless you have to.
Stay warm!

@buckyboy28 Do they even have snow shovels in Texas?

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Go outside for a while. Get really wet and cold. Get back inside and change into warm, dry clothes. Especially warm dry socks. Then eat cinnamon toast. With hot chocolate.

Also, I am jealous. All we got here was rain.

And build a snow cow.

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this isn’t a commercial, I swear
Netflix!! sign up now if you haven’t already… you can get a free trial, and watch movies/shows instantly on your computer.

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Have you ever made a snowman? or build a snowfort with the neiborhood kids and have a snowball fight.

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Why don’t you do what comes natural . . .

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Why “California” in the tags??

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Be slow. If you overplan the day, you will get nothing done. Take your time, be deliberative.

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@Nullo Now it makes sense!

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Speaking for myself, my family and I will build snowmen, throw snowballs, make snow angels, try to save some of our trees burdened with snow, and catch a showing of Fantastic Mr. Fox at the $1 theater in Lewisville.

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Take some time to figure out how to end world hunger.

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Reminds me of the blizzard of ‘83. I was living in Dallas at the time, and was going to take the train to Illinois to spend Christmas with the family. Some friends in suburban Duncanville had invited me to visit and spend the night on the 21st. They would drive me to the Amtrak station the next morning. Well, we woke up to 18” 12” okay, probably 6–8 inches of snow, which is a lot for the Dallas area. There was no way I was able to get to the train station, which was alright because Amtrak had shut down operations due to the blizzard.

I ended up hitch-hiking. That’s a story for another day.

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Thanks again for all the suggestions guys. Playing in the snow was really fun, and eating good food afterwards was great too. Since we’re on the subject of what to do on a snowy day, do you all think I should attempt paintballing in this weather? My brother is inviting me and some of his friends to go tomorrow and I’m not entirely sure if I want to. The place we’re going is huge, the biggest in Texas, and each session is 4 hours long. I’m kind of feeling mixed about this, so any help on this would be great. Thanks again guys! :)

@Yetanotheruser Well I’m planning a trip to California and I was hoping people would have some ideas on what to do. Although I probably should have mentioned that in the question, so thanks for pointing that out to me. :)

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@Ailia ; where are you visiting? southern, centeral (san francisco) or northern? Wine country or yosemite? Camping or hotel?

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@phil196662 Well I’m going to Orange County first, then Pasadena. I already know what I’m going to do in Orange County but I haven’t figured out what to do in Pasadena. I’m staying with some family so I don’t have to worry about transportation or finding a hotel. Some what do you suggest?

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Unfortunately you might want to put a question on here about your visit, I am up in San Francisco Bay Area and are not real familiar with So Cal.

If you visit up here I think I have you covered!

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Woke up to 20°F this morning, with the promise that the temperature will drop and the winds will increase over the rest of the day. Won’t see temps above freezing until Friday.

Glad I’ve got this list of suggestions to help plan the day!

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Grab a camera, put on a coat, boots and gloves, and go take some pictures. That’s what someone in Cortona Italy did, Cortona is also a town in Italy that has only seen snow a couple times in the past 500 years.
You’ll be glad you did if global warming ensures that you’ll never see snow again.

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Go figure. Here in Boston, we’ve only had 7.8 inches of snow this season. Unless we get another good snow, we will set the record for the least snow in a season since weather records were kept in Boston, which goes back a gool long time.

What to do? Well, I’m an old guy, but I know what I would do. I’d bundle up, get out in it, take pictures and play. No sense letting a great winter playground go to waste.

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