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Who believes they'll be a tsunami in Japan in June?

Asked by abcdennis (2points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I been reading a lot on predictions of this year, 2008, and that ones been showing up the places I get these predictions from.

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Why? Is godzilla scheduled to awaken off the coast of Japan?

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I’ll be one!

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I dont appreciate your sillyness..
we all know Godzilla doesn’t cause tsunamis….

Chuck Norris does

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I’ll definately be a tsunami in japan in June. Or maybe I will be a hurricane oooohhh…

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Here in Japan, we are jolted with some regularity by earthquakes both large and small. Tsunami are the aftereffects of these movements and warnings and advisories are commonplace on our shorelines. See the Japan Meteorological Agency’s site

To predict some kind of tectonic event in June followed by a tsunami warning is not terribly helpful. They happen all the time. If your “source” is predicting one of significant magnitude and can tell us where among our 18919km of shoreline it is likely to arrive, we would be very interested indeed.

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