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How do you remove the tinting from car windows yourself?

Asked by Dog (24827points) February 11th, 2010

We have a 97 Toyota and the back window tinting is fogged and bubbly. How can we safely remove it ourselves without leaving residue or damaging the glass?

Please do not suggest we hire a professional. It is not an option financially.


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Answering this in chat…
But use a razorblade.
Try to keep it at a 45 degree angle and scrape it.
Do it on a day where the sun is angled at the window so it heats it up. If that’s not possible, use a hair dryer.

Edit- You have defroster lines.
Check this out. I’m too lazy to type out my tips for that

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I haven’t tried this, but this guy says to use a clothing steamer, which is a whole bunch easier than the razor-blade method. Here is his description of the procedure:

step 1Gather Supplies!
Gather the following supplies Cheap clothing steamer (hey, it works on your clothes too!) Long extension cord Bottle or cup of water (so you don’t have to go inside to refill the steamer every 10 min) Some rags Windex 6 pack of beer & a good CD (to keep you entertained while steaming the windows) Clothing Steamer This is the lynchpin of the ent…

step 2Prep
Steps for removing tinting: 1) Run an extension cord out to your car with plenty left over to reach inside. 2) Fill the steamer up with water, plug it in, and start it steaming (it takes a few sec. to get hot) 3) Open the moon roof, and windows of the car (to let steam out) 4) Turn on your stereo & crack open a beer Removing stickers and other things you don’t want on…

step 3Remove Tint
Start on one of the small rear panels (who cares about them anyhow) 5) Pass the steamer into the car through an open window (you can open the door, but then the door ajar chime will go continuously while you listen to music 6) Look closely around the edge of the window you’re working on. You should be able to see the edge of the tint on top of the glass. Once you’ve fou…

step 4Prelude specific front door panel removal
This step is required for removing tint from the front windows of a car (or any that roll down). The directions below are specific to 5th generation preludes, but will be similar for other cars. If you want more information about removing your door pannels, look for directions on removing your door panel online. If you know a good site for directions, please post i…

step 5Tips & discussion
Tips: DO NOT RUSH – it isn’t worth it. If you pull the whole sheet off you will have to steam the glue separately and it makes a mess, is annoying, and makes hair grow on your palms. Listen to music/talk on the phone/drink beer – why not? If you do pull too fast or some glue remains steam the hell out of it (15–45 sec) and rub it with a clean towel. …

Please note that spelling errors and grammatical oddities are the fault of the original author.

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Ha ha ha! 6-pack of beer! I could get into this project!

Thanks guys!

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I have to agree with @rangerr & suggest the razor blade methed.

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When using the Razor blade, BE VERY CAREFUL, that you don’t cut the rear window defogger filament.

Also, try to keep the tint film moist with warm soapy water all through out the process, this will help release the adhesive of the film from the glass.

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Soap and water (Johnson’s baby preferred, but dish will do) and mix into a spray bottle. Saturate windows with the tint, then place black trash bags on tint. It will stay and let this sit in direct sun light for a couple hours. Then take a a razor to it if it doesn’t peal right off from removing the trash bag. I used to tint windows and this was the quickest way. The older the tint the longer it needs to stay in direct sunlight. If it’s purple, you got your work cut out for you.

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