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How do you pronounce "Fluther"?

Asked by dr34m3r (308points) February 11th, 2010

Do you pronounce it flu-ther or FLOO-ther?

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Like mother.

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I’m all like, flaathaaaaa muthafakka!

Actually no, what Ranger said.

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I kind of dig the mathafakkin flaathaaa

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Look here and scroll down.

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everyone, thank you

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From the diaphram.

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@AstroChuck Are you a voice teacher?

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@thriftymaid- No, but as anyone who knows me can tell you I use my voice constantly.

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I always wanted it to be floo-thur. But I was overruled when I asked this question. Sorry.

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Like Crack!

“Did any one see my pipe?”

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