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If you know of any former Marines, what job(s) did they get after their enlistments were up? What jobs do they have now?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1152points) February 11th, 2010

How well do former Marines (that you know) typically do in life?

Are the jobs they have now respectable? What kinds of employment are they?

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One of the Marines I know (they are not former Marines. Once a Marine, always a Marine) works for the State Department. Another one is a teacher. Another one is a construction worker. There are many skills that can be learned as a Marine. All depends on the MOS.

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Cop…CIA operative…FBI agent…ballet dancer

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A relative of mine spent the first few years out of the Marines as a contract firefighter in Iraq. Since that was exactly what he was doing while still in the Marines (except with better pay), I’m afraid I can’t offer you any practical suggestions.
He is presently looking for something more local.

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The owner of a local Firing Range and Martial Arts school is a former Marine. He did volunteer work with the U.S.Naval Sea Cadet Corps while I was an instructor there.

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My boyfriends brother was a 40 Commando, he injured his back and was made to leave, he didn’t want to. He his now a diver, a deep diver in Thailand. He also had to dive when the Tsunami occured, to recover bodies.

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Two former Marines that joined up and eventually left my Air Force unit after their first term was up, went on to work for the controversial company Blackwater which is now known as Xe Services LLC. As far as I know, they’re still working with that company doing security work/contracts all over the globe.

They’re making lots of money but as far as respectability is concerned, after the Blackwater debacle in Iraq, working for that company certainly doesn’t engender respect in regards to their ethics and methods.

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I know Jar heads who are now an FBI agent, Cop, Realtor, Cook, and retired Home Builder. Most service people I have met have said they struggle working for the “man” after their tour of duty in that civilian jobs are run horribly compared to the structure of the military. A Marine vet I know from the Afghan war tried 3 separate jobs and in his frustration finally started his own construction company so he could run a company the “right way”.

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Two are self-employed in construction and real estate the other is in local politics.My dad started as a toolmaker,then became a small business owner.

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I was a Marine and am the CIO of a media company now. The first job after the service was as a COO for a small manufacturing firm

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My uncle was a major in the Marine Corp and went on to fly cargo for an overnight freight company. My youngest son’s kindergarten teacher was an ex-marine.

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One of my sons-in-law was a Marine, and a more responsible young man would be hard to find. He adores my daughter and their children ( three little boys ). He works for an electronics manufacturing firm and makes an adequaate salary.

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My grandfather became a civil engineer after he was a Marine though, as @gtreyger said, there is no such thing as a former Marine and my cousin is in the Marines right now. He currently has no idea what he’s going to do once he’s done.

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My Dad was Infantry during the Vietnam war and after returning home from his 3rd duty he started working at the Shipyards here in Seattle. He became a Teamster and eventually started driving trucks for Boeing.

Now he is retired with great benefits and the hard work he put in throughout his life has payed off, he even lives in a yuppie neighborhood. I can tell that he still has a hard time with what he went through in Vietnam, but unlike a lot of servicemen he wasn’t afraid to talk to therapist about his experience and think it made the world of difference for him, especially when I see the toll it took on some of the other guys he served with.

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Tell your dad I said, “Welcome home, bro!”

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I read about some servicemen who went on to start a company that cleans up after dead people. Changing sheets, replacing contaminated drywall and carpet, painting rooms different colors to break the association in the minds of the living… that kind of thing.

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The LA Sheriff’s office recruits them as guards in county.

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My dad who was a former Marine Rifle sharpshooter, he was discharged because of a disease in his eye, but he started working at the Maine State Prison and has worked there for almost 24 years and he has been doing very well.

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